Pete Green unveils “14-point plan for a Greener tomorrow but not like in the environmental way”



Pete Green, Marquette Student Government presidential write-in candidate, unveiled a 14-point plan tonight, which he said will bring MUSG to a “better, greener tomorrow.” He revealed the plan, which is officially titled “Pete Green’s 14-point plan for a Greener tomorrow but not like in the environmental way” at a press conference, which four people attended.

In reaffirming his outsider status, Green slammed his opponents for not having similar plans, or, if they did, having plans with less than 14 points. He also said he believes having a 14-point plan should allow him votes from at least 14 percent of the student population – twice as many as his advisors believe is necessary to win.

The plan goes as follows:

  1. Come up with 14 things
  2. Give Student Organization Funding to all the people
  3. Outreach, transparency, freedom, things like that
  4. Give the Marquette Tribune 45 pages per issue
  5. Make puppy therapy available year round and put it in the former Campus Dollar Plus location. Rename the location Puppy Therapy Plus.
  6. Get student representation on ALL the committees, including presidential search, provost search, UN Security Council, and the search committee to search for committees to make searches.
  7. Mandate that each upperclassman has an underclassman buddy to provide them with meal swipes.
  8. Put water bottle fillers everywhere. In places where water bottle fillers cannot be installed, MUSG senators will stand in shifts throughout the day with a hose to fill water bottles.
  9. Avoid vague language when approving or not not approving collectively considered propositions intended to be instituted as law for the greater good of students currently attending the proud, Jesuit university in Milwaukee, Wis. that encourages us to be the difference.
  10. Increase the Marquette Tribune’s page total from 45 to 60 by midyear.
  11. Survey students on their opinions of MUSG surveys.
  12. Get all the mice out of McCormick and promptly into O’Donnell where they belong.
  13. Make sure every student knows how to count before making numbered lists.