Marquette Wire

About Us

The Marquette Wire is the official student media news source of Marquette University. The Wire publishes content daily on our website as well as through our four mediums: The Marquette Tribune, Marquette Journal, MUTV and Marquette Radio.

The Marquette Wire ethics code provides guidelines for staff members. It was ratified by the Board for Student Media and released publicly in December 2019. The document can be found here.

The Wire also has a mission statement, as well as a statement on justice, equity and inclusion. Both were written by students and ratified by the Board for Student Media.

The Marquette Wire AP Stylebook provides grammar rules and guidelines for staff members. The stylebook can be found here. 

Debuting in January 2014, the Wire brought together the campus newspaper, magazine, radio station, television station and advertising department to form a student-run multimedia outlet.

The Wire covers issues that are relevant to students, faculty and staff, including campus life, higher education, university athletics, and the Milwaukee area.

The newsroom is located on the second floor of Johnston Hall.