Marquette Wire

FS Mac Instructions

The Marquette Wire FS (file share) server contains the “Archive” and “Nearline” storage pools.  Photos are located in the “Nearline” share.  These can be accessed from outside Marquette’s network using these steps when the Marquette VPN is utilized.  Macs and PCs are able to connect.  This page will outline connecting from a Mac.

Using Finder, select the ‘Go’ menu and ‘Connect to Server…’


Type in the address: “smb://” and select ‘Connect’.  Optionally, you can click the ‘+’ button to bookmark the address.


When prompted for a username and password enter your normal Marquette credentials.

After successfully connecting you’ll see a list of volumes to mount:

  • Archives: long-term archival storage (everyone can read / executive board can write)
  • Nearline: short-term archival and photo storage (everyone can read & write)
  • Podcasts: publishing directory for podcast files (restricted access)