Turnip endorses Pete Green, write-in candidate for MUSG president

Hope_posterPassion, patriotism, dedication, commitment, other synonyms: this is what best describes Marquette Student Government presidential candidate Pete Green, a sixth-year senior in the College of Communication, and that’s why the Turnip is proud to endorse him as a write-in candidate.

Green, an aspiring career politician, told the Turnip he plans to dramatically change the SOF process by just giving away all the money to all the people, and he hopes to have student representation on all the committees, including that of the presidential search, provost search and U.N. Security Council.

“I am you,” Green said to a crowd of seven at a press conference in which he announced his candidacy. “I’m a true AMU room 133 outsider. I understand student needs, and it’s time to send a message to the MUSG establishment!”

The Turnip decided to endorse Green because of that outsider status. He is so much of an outsider, some would even say it feels like he doesn’t exist, which is a great quality to have in a presidential candidate.

As a write-in candidate, Green will need to really work to earn the support of his peers. He said the key to winning will likely be getting more votes than the rest of his opponents.

He also added he believes in “hope,” “change,” “America,” and he wants to defeat the terrorists.

Supporters of Green are encouraged to tweet with the hashtags #Turnip2014 and #Green4Prez up until the election next month.