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Spoilers from Sophie: ‘The Bachelor: Week 6’

10 women remain, as they travel to Montreal.
Photo by courtesy of ABC
Season 28 of “The Bachelor” is starring Joey Graziadei.

Just like that we’re already back to “Bachelor” Mondays! This week is a big week for Joey and the women. As they traveled to Montreal, we saw a side of Joey we hadn’t really seen before, so let’s get into it!

We start right off with a dramatic moment from Joey, where he shares he is struggling. Joey said, “I know I should feel great but I’m struggling. I’m not this super energetic guy all the time and people expect you to be a certain way, and I don’t know if it’s me. I have a deep feeling it might not work out,” a frequent phrase known to Bachelor Nation.  

Hopefully Joey is able to turn that around quickly, because when the women met up with Jesse, he told them they have one group date and two one-on-ones — meaning if their name was not called on the group date, they would automatically have a one-on-one. 

As Jesse read the group date card aloud, Daisy, Katelyn, Kelsey A., Jenn, Rachel, Lexi, Lea and Jess were all told to use clues around the town to find Joey — leaving Maria and Kelsey T. to have one-on-ones, and thankfully we didn’t hear much complaining from Lea about Maria.  

Once on the group date, Joey said, “I could be at my lowest, but once I’m with these women it reminds me why I’m here. I’m the luckiest guy ever,” which was the complete opposite of how Joey was feeling moments before. 

However, during the date, a lot of the women felt intimidated by Joey and his connection with the other women. It was one of the more awkward group dates, since most of the women were complaining the entire time about how they couldn’t have alone time with Joey, instead of using that time to just embrace the date. 

At the evening portion of the date, Joey walked into the room and asked how all of the women were doing. And as the most awkward, and unconvincing, “We’re good,” was said aloud, Joey could tell all of the women were struggling this week. He shared he hopes he could open up more this week to each of the women, since they have been opening up to him. 

Joey sat down with Kelsey A., and she talked about how she felt really insecure on this group date and felt in the background — but she honestly wasn’t putting in a lot of effort during the date either. Despite that, Joey said she could never be in the background and he has zero doubts about their connection. To which she said she has fallen for him, and Joey, awkwardly, asked her to say it again. 

Talking to Lexi next, Lexi shared her concerns about the timeline after an engagement. She asked where Joey’s head was at with that, to which Joey shared he wanted to be engaged for two years, married for three years and then have children. Lexi didn’t show concern during that moment, but in her interview she shared that the time between the marriage concerns her because of her age and health condition. 

After his time with Jenn, where she shared that she was falling for him, he said in his interview, “I’m on cloud nine, I could jump up and down. I’m not fully ready to say it, but I’m close.” 

For his final conversation of the evening, Jess talked about how the group dates have been really hard seeing all the other connections forming. But, she said, despite that — and despite not having a one-on-one or truly a solid connection at all – she was falling for him. At that moment I couldn’t stop laughing, because Joey’s entire face dropped. 

He said to her, “It’s exciting when someone says that, but you are supposed to be able to picture it with that person and I just can’t picture it with you. You deserve the world and I need to be honest with you.” Joey then walked her out, and said in his interview, “I’m afraid someone might do what I did to her, to me.”

Despite sending Jess home, Joey said to the women he feels like they are all going in the right direction and decided to give his rose to Jenn. 

Heading right into the one-on-one with Kelsey T., they headed to train with Cirque du Soleil. In-between all of the spinning and flipping, Joey said he started to feel really dizzy — yet he continued to do the tricks. 

After finishing up the last spin, Joey said he was sorry to Kelsey for not being able to be present because he wasn’t feeling well, but — thankfully — shared that he already felt better next to her. 

Cutting back to Lexi at the house, she shared she was freaking out. Lexi said she wanted to have a family soon, and that Joey just wasn’t on the same timeline and needed to talk to him. 

But back at the dinner portion with Kelsey T., she shared how she is getting feelings for Joey which is hard for her because of her relationship with her dad. She shared that because she chose to go to college and not focus on religion, her dad no longer accepted her in their home. Joey shared that it is important she knows how strong she is, which lead him to give her the rose. 

For Maria and Joey’s one-on-one date, Maria shared she was excited to have this date with Joey especially since she is from Canada. As a limo picked the two up, we saw them crack a bunch of jokes in the car — which I enjoyed because it actually allowed us to see a lot of true emotion and connection between the two. Joey said, “You’ll never fully know what Maria will do, which is what keeps me on my toes.”

The two ended up at a bouquet where Maria tried on a bunch of dresses. And after Joey picked his favorite dress for Maria, they took a helicopter tour around Canada. Once the two landed back at a theater for the dinner portion, Maria shared how she was emotional today for good reasons. 

Maria also opened up about how she wants someone to say what they mean, because in her past relationship they were close to an engagement but he decided he didn’t want that. Joey said, “I will do everything in my power to make you feel special. This rose means I want a future, and I want you to keep pursuing it too.” Maria accepted the rose and said she was falling for him. 

Back at the hotel, Lexi is struggling with the fact of leaving. She decides she needs to talk to Joey to explain how she is feeling. When she enters Joey’s room, she shares how she feels they are at different places in life and because of her endometriosis, having children is something she needs to do soon. 

Joey said he felt there were zero doubts about a future, but he knows she has to do what is right. Lexi then said, “I will forever remember how heard and respected I felt by you, I will never forget our connection and it is okay that you aren’t ready.” To which Joey walked Lexi out for a shocking exit seeing that Lexi could have been a potential finalist. 

After Lexi’s exit, they headed into the cocktail party — where, thankfully, there was no drama. Joey sat down with Daisy where she shared she had to ask him something that was make or break: could he give good foot massages. 

Following some quick conversations, they headed into the rose ceremony where there were only three roses on the table leaving the women shocked and nervous. Joey handed out roses to: Daisy, Kelsey A. and Rachel. Which left Lea and Katelyn to be sent home. 

As six women remain, get ready for next week as they women and Joey stay in Canada for one final week before hometowns!

This story was written by Sophie Goldstein. She can be reached at [email protected].

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