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Spoilers from Sophie: ‘The Bachelor: Week 8’

Four women remain for hometown dates.
Photo by courtesy of ABC
Season 28 of “The Bachelor” is starring Joey Graziadei.

Somehow — just like that — we are down to four women. And for this week, Joey visited each of the women’s hometown to meet their families. Joey said he hopes this will give him the ability to see a lifelong future with the women, so let’s get right into it!

For the first hometown, Joey traveled to New Orleans to visit Kelsey’s family. As the two head out to explore New Orleans, Joey points out butterflies to Kelsey — which she said reminds her of her mom. 

As Kelsey talks about her mom, Joey asks her how the idea of an engagement makes her feel. Kesley said, “It’s an exciting idea. It feels real, but I am pretty terrified. I don’t want to get heartbroken.” To which Joey said in his interview, “She has this different level of brightness and enjoyment. I know I could be happy everyday if Kelsey was my person.”

The two head inside to Kelsey’s home to meet her dad, brother and sister. After talking about their experience so far, Kelsey and her sister go to talk. Her sister expressed concerns about if she got heartbroken, but Kelsey said she wants to put everything out there and have no regrets. 

As Joey sat down with Kelsey’s dad — who most of Bachelor Nation thinks should be the next “Golden Bachelor” —  her dad expressed how he hasn’t seen Kelsey this happy in a long time. Joey told her dad, “I find myself holding back, because I want every word to have intention. I’m trying to be aware of her heart, but my feelings are real and they do make sense.” To which her dad said it made him feel extremely hopeful, and reassured, about their connection.

After saying goodbye to her family, the two talked outside. Kesley said, “My family validating you was everything I needed and more. It was a great day.” To which Joey responded with, “I’d call myself lucky to be a part of this family. We left today stronger than we went into it.”

Heading right into Rachel’s hometown date, Joey traveled to Rancho Cucamonga, California, where Rachel’s family flew out to from Hawaii. Joey said how he was excited to meet Rachel’s family because of their connection to Hawaii. 

When the two first met up, they went right to a bench to talk. Rachel explained how she was very nervous for him to meet her family because they are a very traditional family. She taught Joey her Philippine traditions for when he meets her parents, and expressed how she wants to represent her family well. 

As the two walked into the backyard, they were greeted by Rachel’s family and friends. Immediately Rachel’s mom said she loved how Joey respected their culture, but was hesitant about the potential connection. 

After eating and playing games, Rachel talked with her dad. She expressed how she knows this isn’t traditional, but she feels happy and safe with Joey. Her dad told her that even if it doesn’t end up how she wants, life will go on. 

As Joey sat down with Rachel’s mom, Joey said, “I care for you daughter, and I don’t take it for granted. I will protect her. I feel your hesitancy, and I understand it. To which her mom responded with, “I wish you the best, but I wish my daughter the best more. She’s been hurt and we have spent time trying to show that she has so much to offer. I’m gonna be honest, there’s three other ladies, so the verdict is still up in the air.”

Despite feeling the parents’ hesitancy, Joey sat down with Rachel’s dad and said, “If we move forward, I need your approval. If it came down to it, would I have your blessing?” Rachel’s dad responded with, “If it comes down to it, she knows my number and you can call it.” Leaving Joey somewhat speechless. 

After talking with her sister — who said to just follow her heart and go for it — Joey and Rachel reconnected outside. Rachel told Joey, “My sister changed my perspective. And I am falling in love with you, and I do see a future with you.” Joey said he felt more confident after she said that, and she understands why she is the way she is because of her family. 

Jumping right into the next hometown, Joey traveled to Becker, Minnesota to meet Daisy’s family. The two hung out on her family’s Christmas tree farm, and then met up with her friends. Daisy told her friends, “I never knew if someone would love me, but he’s changed my perspective on that. Even if it’s not us, I’ll have that forever and I know what I deserve. I’m just really happy.”

As the two headed to meet her family, Joey told her, “I hope you don’t question that anymore, you deserve everything and more.” As Joey met her mom, dad, grandparents and siblings, they all sat down to catch up. At this moment, Daisy said she was able to truly hear her brother’s voice for the first time since she got her cochlear implant. 

After that emotional moment, Joey sat down with Daisy’s mom where he told her Daisy has had a hard time truly expressing how she feels. As Daisy sat down with her mom, she talked about how she felt strong for Joey, but was scared of getting hurt. 

Having a similar conversation with her dad, her dad told her to just go for it because it is just love and that is worth the risk. Her dad then added, “It’s not like you’ll lose your hearing again.” Which made for a sweet moment between her and her dad. 

Following that conversation with her dad, Daisy and Joey sat outside. Daisy said, “I want to dive into that wall, and I want you to know I’m falling in love with you and I have been. I’m so excited for the future, and my whole family can see it too.” Joey responded that he felt the same way and he could see Daisy being his wife. 

Going right into the final hometown, Joey traveled to Niagara Falls to meet Maria’s family. The two went on a boat ride, but Joey said they needed to talk more about what happened last week. 

As they sat down on a bench — after taking a shot on the boat — Joey said, “Last week was really tough. I never envisioned you walking away. It wasn’t your fear that scared me, it was your decision.” Maria said, “I know I would have regretted it. It was just hard to see you with anyone else and it got the best of me.” 

Adding to that, Maria — shockingly — said Joey is the first guy she is ever bringing home. Joey said in his interview, “Part of me feels honored, but a part of me is wondering how she has never opened up to anyone like this. I should feel more confident and I don’t.”

They headed to have dinner with Maria’s family, and as they walked in you could immediately see the protection her dad had with Maria. He said, “You have the most important thing in my life in your hand. The last thing I want is for my kid to get hurt.” 

Maria sat down with her friend, and explained how she is insecure about the other women being here; however, her friend said she needs to put everything out there no matter what. 

As Joey sat down with her dad, they had a pretty intense conversation. Maria’s dad started off by saying, “If you see what I see in Maria, I know why you’re here. She’s the greatest thing in the world and we’ve been inseparable since that injury. It is hard because I don’t know where you stand.” 

Joey responded with, “Let me help. Do I feel it? Yes. But, she does hold back. I understand the seriousness, and I respect what a marriage is. If I were to get down on one knee I would need a blessing.” Her dad said, “If she chooses you, and you choose her, I respect her decision and I would have no problem.”

After having that somewhat hopeful conversation, Maria’s dad sat down with Maria and told her that Joey asked if he could have his blessing — which he is really not supposed to tell her, but didn’t seem to care. Her dad told her to put her heart out there, because he seems like a good guy. 

Following that conversation — and watching a baby Maria montage in her backyard, with her entire family peering through the window — Maria said she wants to tell Joey she is in love with him. As the two headed to say goodbye, Maria said, “I just wanted to say… I appreciate you being here.” After an awkward hug bye, Maria said she was left regretting that decision.

Finally heading into the rose ceremony, three roses remain — leaving one woman to be sent home. Right before Joey hands out the first rose, Maria chimes in — for the second week in a row— and asks if they can talk first. Maria told Joey she wishes she told him she loved him, and that whatever happens she didn’t want any regrets. 

After a literal two minute conversation, the rose ceremony was back in action. Joey handed out his first rose to Daisy, and his second to Kelsey. Despite stealing him aside Joey handed his final rose to Rachel, leaving Maria to be sent home. 

As Joey walks her out, he said he tried to do everything for their relationship, but just wasn’t able to have as strong of a connection. And without shedding a tear, Maria said goodbye. 

Well, stay tuned for next week as the three remaining women have a potential overnight date with Joey. A week where — I’m sure — there will be drama!

This story was written by Sophie Goldstein. She can be reached at [email protected].

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