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Spoilers from Sophie: ‘The Bachelor: Week 7’

Six women remain, with this week including the final group date of the season.

Somehow we are already down to six women remaining. With some nice scenery, and Joey riding a motorcycle, we head into the three final dates, in Jasper, Canada, before Hometowns. 

After Joey and Jesse chat over some tennis matches, Joey said, “I know feelings are starting to develop. This week I am wondering if I can see an actual future, and I hope I start to fall in love.” 

Most of the women are in the same boat as Joey. All of the them remaining have already had a one-on-one date, so the two women who get these dates will progress their relationship even further. 

The first one-on-one of the week went to Daisy. Daisy is one of the few women who hasn’t told Joey she is in love with him — and props to her because she is being honest and not just saying what he wants to hear.

Joey shared he picked Daisy because she was the first real connection he created, but he doesn’t know if he can progress their relationship to meeting her family. The two set out on a horseback riding date, as the remaining women at the house began to question their relationship even more. 

During the date, Daisy said in her interview, “I’m not in love with him yet, but I want to let him know how I feel. I could see myself getting there, but I’m not gonna tell him I love him just to get a rose.” 

After the two went in a hot tub — a classic “Bachelor” moment — they headed to the evening portion of their date. Joey asked Daisy where her head was and Daisy responded that it is important to see how he interacts with her family because they have seen her at her lowest. 

Following her explaining more about her family, Daisy said, “I really, really like you, but am I there yet? No. I can see us being so great together and I can see myself falling in love with you. If it ever becomes a worry in my mind, I’ll be super honest with you.” Honestly if I were Joey, I would trust Daisy so much more than any of the other women who said they loved him. 

Joey said he appreciated her honesty and that he had expectations because he wanted to make sure they were on the same page. He then said, “I really want to meet your family and I hope it’s something that will make us grow.” Joey then gave Daisy the rose, to which in her interview she shared after his response she may be falling for him. 

Back at the hotel, Kelsey T., Maria, Rachel and Jenn all found out they were going on the final group date of the season— leaving Kelsey A. for the last one-on-one. 

After announcing the group date it is clear all the women are upset, but it seems that Maria is especially taking this hard — which I honestly found so surprising considering she just had a one-on-one last week. 

As the four women meet up with Joey, they found out they will be doing a “Lumberjill” competition. As two teams faced off in various competitions, Kelsey was announced the winner — but, I personally think Rachel should’ve won because she chugged milk despite being lactose intolerant. To top the group date off, Jenn ran up to kiss Joey during his interview, leaving all of the other woman furious, especially Maria. 

After a quick group date — with mostly Maria complaining the entire time — the women and Joey head into the group portion of the date. 

As he sits down with Jenn, she talks about how she is excited for the possibility of bringing him home, but that her family isn’t like everyone else’s. Joey responded with, “When I’m with you, I’m here 100%. It doesn’t scare me or change how I feel and I’ll do everything to feel a part of your family.” 

Moving onto Joey’s conversation with Kelsey, she talked about how she was in her head and that her dad doesn’t know she’s here, because he wouldn’t think this is right for her. Joey’s response to her was minimal, and it seemed their conversation was the quickest. 

Then as Joey spoke with Rachel, she talked about how she is 100% confident in their relationship and knows her family would love him. Joey said that he needed her confidence, and is excited for their relationship. 

Now moving onto Joey’s conversation with Maria — who was freaking out the entire night. As they sat down Maria said, “When I’m not with you my mind is racing and I get in my head. I know what I signed up for, but it’s all hitting me. The fact that you can’t be excited about being mine is the worst part. I’m spiraling, and not cut out for this.” 

Despite Joey literally telling Maria, “You are discrediting what we have, why aren’t you seeing our connection?” Maria said she thinks her mind is made up to leave, but steps outside for a moment first.

After an unnecessary dramatic moment outside, Maria comes back in. She tells Joey, “I feel and I think out loud. I don’t want you to think I’m running from you, I’m just scared because seeing you with the other women got the best of me.” I mean it seemed like she was running away from him. 

Despite her practically leaving, Joey said he appreciates that side of her, but that her running away made him nervous. Maria then said that she wasn’t going to kiss him because he kissed Jenn on the group date, but that lasted about two seconds because she kissed him right after that. 

Following a confusing — and shocking, because Joey wasn’t more concerned —conversation with Maria, Joey sat down with all of the women to tell them he needs more time before handing out the group date rose. 

After that interesting group date, Kelsey A. meets Joey for their one-on-one. The two explored the city and did a Polar Plunge in the 32 degrees Fahrenheit lake water. Despite Joey not wanting to do it, the two braced the cold and Joey said, “I don’t want to stop kissing or holding her. My feelings are so strong for her. I’m so hopeful.”

At the evening portion of the date, Kelsey shares about how she is excited for Joey to meet her dad and siblings. She got emotional talking about the loss of her mother, and how her father dropped everything to take care of her and her siblings. 

For the first time this season, we saw someone actually ask Joey a question about his family. Kelsey asked him how his relationship with his dad is and if he was supportive of his “Bachelor” journey. He shared that his dad has always been his biggest supporter and always reminds him to not get in his head.  

After Kelsey shared her intentions are to only get engaged and married once, Joey said that he trusts her and is excited for the future, leading him to give her the rose — after he said he knows they both have so much love to give and their connection could be magical. 

As the women all gather back for — what they think is— the cocktail party, most of the women share how they want to talk to Joey, and Maria expresses how she needs to tell him she regrets what she said. 

However, instead of Joey walking in, Jesse comes in and tells all the women that Joey decided to cancel the cocktail party and they would be heading right into the rose ceremony — which honestly wasn’t too surprising since most of them had a lot of time to talk with Joey this week. 

With four women left without a rose, and only two to hand out, Joey comes in and says he is confident his wife is in the room, but before he begins he wants to talk to Maria — leaving Kelsey to say, “I thought we didn’t have time to talk to him?” And she isn’t wrong at all, Maria shouldn’t be the only one allowed to talk to him. 

As the two head into a separate room Joey said that he couldn’t continue without a proper conversation with her. Joey said, “I like you and can see what this is. I don’t want to beg you to stay. I want to feel confident that you want to stay.” Even though Joey practically did beg her to stay, Maria responded with, “I like you a lot, to the point where I don’t like seeing you with these other girls. My insecurities got the best of me. I want to be here and I’m not running.”

Quickly back into the rose ceremony, Joey hands out his first rose to Rachel. This honesty came as a surprise, because we haven’t seen much of their connection. After Jesse comes in to announce there is one rose left — which seemed unnecessary — the remaining women grabbed each other’s hands and said they loved each other. 

For the final rose Joey shockingly hands it out to Maria, leaving Kelsey A. and Jenn to be sent home. I found it most surprising that Joey kept Maria, who was questioning their relationship, over Jenn who, multiple times, said she was falling for him. 

Well, get ready for four Hometowns next week where, I’m sure, there will be drama! 

This story was written by Sophie Goldstein. She can be reached at [email protected].

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