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Spoilers from Sophie: ‘The Bachelor: Week 4, Night 2’

The drama continues as the women and Joey travel to Spain.

Following Monday night’s dramatic episode, the drama carried right over into last night. We were left with Maria saying she wanted to go home and Lea budding herself into drama, let’s continue!

As Maria is sitting outside crying, Lea is talking to Joey saying that despite Maria being here, she hopes it can be a fresh start — and it seems like she is the only one who needs that start, because everyone has moved on. 

Heading right into the rose ceremony — in addition to Lexi, Maria and Kelsey T. already having roses — Kelsey A., Katelyn, Daisy, Rachel, Jenn, Autumn, Jess, Madina and Lea all got roses, leaving Edwina and Allison to be sent home. 

Hoping for an actual fresh start, the women and Joey travel to Andalusia, Spain. When they get there, all the women are gathered at a table outside — the perfect recipe for more drama. Lea said in her interview, “It pains me Maria is still here. If she was ready to leave after a little conflict, how could she be here for Joey?” 

As Joey rolls in on a Vespa, he invites Kelsey A. on a one-on-one date. The two head into town and pick up food for a picnic, while the rest of the ladies are left upset that they didn’t get chosen. When the two sit down for their picnic, Joey said, “Something about you feels so right and natural.” To which Kelsey said, “I’m not falling for you yet, but I am definitely tripping.” 

When they head into the dinner portion of their date, Kelsey opens up about her family. She shares that her mom shaped who she is, but when she was diagnosed with breast cancer she unfortunately passed away two months later. Joey said he is sure her mom would be proud of her, and he sees all of those characteristics in Kesley too. Joey gives her the rose, to which Kelsey said she can now say she is falling for Joey. 

Back at the house, Lexi, Daisy, Jenn, Autumn, Maria, Katelyn, Madina, Lea, Kelsey T. and Jess are all chosen for the group date. When the women arrive, they are told to pick a quote that reflects their relationship with Joey and make it into a painting. 

As Lea was painting, she said if she could change anything she wished Maria wasn’t here. Literally all Maria did was show up, I seriously don’t understand how this is so escalated. But the best part of it all, was Maria painted “The storm before the calm,” with her and Sydney on the boat, leaving Lea’s face priceless. 

Jess ended up winning the competition for her painting of two rings. Joey said he appreciated her showing that she is committed to the end. As Jess won, Lea said in her interview, “She will never end up with him, but one can be delusional,” when, not even 24 hours earlier, Lea was saying she will always be a girl’s girl. 

During the evening portion of the date, most of the women are sharing how it is hard to watch Joey leave with other women because their connections are growing so strong for him. But when Maria sits down with Joey, she decides to open up about why she is the way she is. She shares that when she was one, her and her mother got into a very bad car accident. Adding that it left her mom in a bad place, but her dad fought for her which showed her true love and commitment. Maria shared that because of this, she always tries to see the positive and cherishes everything she is given.  

When all the women and Joey gather, Joey hands out the group date rose to Maria saying, “I feel like we are finally on the same page.” You can only imagine the anger this caused Lea, who said, “My heart is in my ass. She is putting on a damn good performance, and for him to validate her feelings is so bad.” But what happened to Lea telling Joey she trusted his decision making? 

Back at the house, Rachel gets the next one-on-one date. The two head into town and watch a Flamenco dance performance. As they are invited down to go on stage, Joey changes into a very fashionable heel shoe and the two learn the dance. When they perform Joey said, “There is something about looking into Rachel that made my chemistry for her grow even more.”

During the evening, Rachel shares with Joey about how she is an ICU nurse and how in previous relationships her long hours have been a dealbreaker. Joey responded with, “You deserve someone to take care of you and make you feel safe.” Rachel said that she felt safe around Joey, leaving him to give her the rose. Joey said in his interview, that if they continue at the way they are, he could see himself falling in love with her.

As the week is coming to an end, we head into the cocktail party. Daisy starts off by talking to Joey and asking how he is doing. After their conversation, Joey said Daisy is someone he could 100% see himself falling in love with. 

And just when we think the drama is done, when Katelyn is talking to Joey, Maria comes and interrupts. When Katelyn comes back and shares that, Jess is more mad than her. Jess said, “It’s giving disrespect. She already has a rose and she knows half of us have not even talked to him yet. I don’t understand what he sees in her.” As if Jess didn’t do the exact same thing night one. 

When Maria comes back into the room, Jess said, “A little early to be talking for someone who has a rose. It’s disrespectful.” To which Maria said, “At the end of the day I know my connection with Joey scares you, grow up.” Leaving Jess to storm out crying saying, “I’m scared. I haven’t got any time.”

Jess is clearly jealous of Maria’s connection, because, once again, we have a fight that doesn’t involve the main person impacted. If Jess wanted to talk to Joey so badly, why didn’t she just go and grab him? 

As Jess is still crying, saying she can’t stand Maria, Jesse comes in and says the cocktail party is over. During the time Jess was crying and complaining about Maria, she probably could’ve had a 30 minute conversation with Joey. 

Finally during the rose ceremony, Joey handed out roses to: Jenn, Kelsey T., Daisy, Lea, Lexi, Katelyn and with the last rose going to Jess. This left Madina and Autumn to be sent home. 

Stayed tuned for next week where the women and Joey travel to Montreal, and I’m sure the drama will travel with them!

This story was written by Sophie Goldstein. She can be reached at [email protected].

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