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Spoilers from Sophie: ‘The Bachelor: Week 4, Night 1’

The anticipated two-on-one date is finally here.

After leaving off with drama between Sydney and Maria, the much anticipated “Bachelor” two-night episode one is finally here. The drama continued across the country, as the women and Joey traveled to Malta. And in the words of Joey, “I need to bring someone to the alta, but first I have to go to Malta!” 

Anyways, this week started with a one-on-one date which was given to Lexi. The two headed out to explore the town, by eating pastries, dancing and playing bocce — where Joey said he felt like he was just walking around with his girlfriend. 

Heading into the evening portion of the date, Lexi opens up about her health struggles. She shared that she was diagnosed with stage five endometriosis, that spread to her lungs. She was able to get it all removed but shared that it may not allow her to have her own children. Following that she opened up about how her ex-boyfriend left her because of that reason, and it has made her scared to be vulnerable. 

Joey told her that he doesn’t want her to think this will make him run away, and that he deeply appreciates her opening up. He shares that when he is with her, he continues to feel happy and comfortable — leaving Joey to give her the rose. 

Back at the hotel, Sydney said that she feels all the drama with Maria is the only thing on her mind, and it is physically making her sick. Now, I’m not sure if the producers are really good at editing, but I seriously don’t understand even what Sydney is talking about. 

For the second date of the week Jenn, Daisy, Edwina, Katelyn, Allison, Rachel, Autumn, Kelsey T., Jess, Madina, Kelsey A. and Lea all went to Fort Manoel, where part of “Game of Thrones” was filmed. As the women all changed into knight outfits — and Joey took his shirt off — they competed in a series of events to get extra time with Joey. 

After competing in a sausage catching contest and seeing who can stare into Joey’s eyes the best, Autumn took home the victory and got — what seemed like only two minutes — extra time with Joey. 

During the evening portion of the date, Daisy and Joey talked about baby names and Joey said he could see a potential future with her. Following that, a cute moment between Joey and Kelsey A. occurred when they sat down and Joey put on his glasses because she was wearing hers. Despite Jess saying she was falling for Joey, the group date rose went to Kelsey T. because Joey said, “She is always on the forefront of my mind.”

Now, for the most dramatic date of the season, so far, Sydney and Maria have a two-on-one date with Joey. The purpose of this date is for Joey to, essentially, pick a side between their arguments. He has a choice of either sending both home or handing out one rose — leaving tensions to be high. 

To be honest, I don’t even understand how such a small argument got this escalated — but it seemed to have severely impacted Sydney. Prior to the date, Sydney said, “I am being tortured. I need to get this girl out, I have a gameplan. Spending a date with her is like spending it with the devil.” At this point, Maria has shared she just wants to forget about it, but apparently Sydney is too deeply impacted — I’m not even sure how that’s possible, because the initial argument involved Madina, who is no longer involved. 

The two women head out on a boat to meet Joey. Thankfully they got to Joey quickly, because there is nothing but awkward silence between the two of them — and I need to know if there was anything said at all, because it was just too awkward. 

As the three explore the Blue Grotto, Maria is trying to crack some jokes, but Sydney is not having it as she sits in silence. The entire time I was just wondering what in the world were they talking about, because the awkward tension was so high. 

Finally, they got off the boat and Joey pulled Sydney to talk first. Sydney said, “My body is taking a toll. I walk into a room and I don’t know when she is going to attack me. When you left the pool party, all hell broke loose. She told Lea to ‘Shut the **** up.’ She is not the wife you want.” Let’s remember this was all because Madina said she felt old. 

Pulling Maria aside, Maria shares that she left all of this in L.A. and she would never tell Lea that. Maria asks Joey if this is something he can look past, and he says he doesn’t know. 

Back at the table, Maria asks Sydney why she would ever say she told Lea that and that, “We are being filmed 24/7. I’ll own up to what I say, but I never said this.” To which Sydney responds, “Everyone in the house has a problem with you.” Not sure who everyone is, because Sydney seems to be the only one with issues. 

At the evening portion of the date, the three sit down at a dinner table and Joey asks each of them if they think they still have a future with him. Both said they do, and that they each would not have gone on the date if they didn’t want to fight for him. Ultimately, Joey felt his connection was stronger with Maria and decided to give her the rose — leaving Sydney to be sent home as an opera singer, so coincidentally, sang “Ava Maria.” 

Despite thinking all the drama was done, at the cocktail party things got heated again. Madina was complimenting and hanging out with Maria and apparently Lea thought that was not good at all. Lea said, “No one cares Syd went home. One second Madina is team Syd, then the next she is so happy for Maria.” 

Pulling Madina aside, Lea shares her opinion about how she doesn’t think Madina is being loyal. To which Madina said, “You don’t have to understand how I’m doing my journey. I’m already hard on myself and I don’t need you saying that.” Where Lea responded with, “I hold my close circle of friends to a high standard, and I don’t think we got anywhere with this conversation.” 

Honestly, I have no idea what the purpose of that was, but it upset Maria when she found out. She went outside crying saying she wanted to leave, because she couldn’t do anything without people getting mad. 

Making things even better, Lea went up to Joey and said, “A lot of women were surprised Maria stayed. I mean I trust your decision and it is what it is.” Clearly, she doesn’t trust his decision because she is making a huge deal about it.

At that moment, we are left on a cliffhanger of Maria saying, “Just give my rose away, I don’t want to be here anymore.” 

But, thankfully we don’t have to wait long. Because the two-night “Bachelor” week continues tonight, get ready!

This story was written by Sophie Goldstein. She can be reached at [email protected].

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