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Spoilers from Sophie: ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Finale

Gerry gives out his final rose.

Following a week break since the fantasy suites, Gerry is down to his final two women: Theresa and Leslie. Gerry’s daughters and grandchildren traveled down to Costa Rica to meet both Leslie and Theresa, which Gerry said he felt was interesting since it is the first time his parents won’t be meeting his girlfriend, but his children and grandchildren will be. 

The first to meet the family is Theresa. Gerry said, “Everything’s changed with her,” which is interesting because he seemed so questionable about her in Week 8. Gerry’s family liked Theresa because she had the same story as Gerry, both of their spouses have passed away. 

Theresa tells Gerry’s family she is 100% in and is very in love with Gerry. His family shares they would be so happy if Gerry proposed to her. 

With one final moment left together before Gerry makes his decision, the two talk about how any questions Gerry had about his relationship with her are gone and Gerry won’t make this decision to propose unless he is all in. 

Just a day later, Leslie is meeting Gerry’s family. It seems like a completely different vibe from when Theresa met his family, because Leslie is making jokes and they are all laughing together. Gerry’s daughters got emotional when Leslie was sharing that she saw so much happiness in Gerry, because they never envisioned their dad being happy again. 

Leslie does share how the phrase, “Till death do us part” gave her anxiety because she has never had that in her life. Following that, Gerry’s daughters share with him that they were wondering if that was concerning, and if Leslie was just emotional because she is struggling from her past relationships. 

When the two say goodbye before the evening portion, Gerry was clearly acting different and uneasy. After sharing this was the biggest decision he has had to make in 55 years, he awkwardly said, “Well, I guess I better go.” 

After sensing Gerry was off, Leslie asks him in the evening portion if everything is okay between them. Gerry assures her that he is just feeling the pressure and that he wants to start tonight over. 

Leslie gives Gerry a book of all their memories, and shares that meeting him has been a blessing and she can’t imagine life without him. To which Gerry said, “That’s huge.” Following an awkward moment, Gerry asks Leslie at least three times if she has anything else she wanted to share. After saying again she loves him very much, Gerry said, “That’s such a special sentiment.” 

At this point Leslie can tell something is off and begins to cry. After moments of hugging each other — which clearly seemed like a breakup — Leslie asks him if he has anything to share, and Gerry just responds that he has a big decision to make and it is time for him to leave her room. 

After saying “goodbye,” Gerry is seen crying outside of Leslie’s door and makes the decision to go back inside to talk to her again. Gerry said, “You asked if there was something I had to say, and I did. I am in love with Theresa and that is the direction I am going to take.” After that shocking news, Leslie said, “Everything you told me was a lie, it was a complete and utter lie. Just 12 hours later you’ve changed everything. You let me meet your family, and I knew it the minute I saw you today it was over. We weren’t off, you were. And I can think whatever the fuck I want.” 

Following the heartbreak, Gerry meets with Jesse outside of the hotel. Gerry is crying and tells Jesse, “I’m not okay. I took a good person and broke their heart. I hate myself and I hate everything right now. The only time I felt worse was when my wife passed, and this is a goddamn close second.”

Switching to the live portion of the finale, Leslie sits down with Jesse to reflect on the experience and breakup. She said, “I don’t want to share what happened during the overnight portion, but I was 100% certain I was his girl based on what he said. I wrote my vows, I made my dress, I was so confident, we had plans made and it all changed in an instant.”

When Gerry comes out to join Leslie on stage, he talks about how he wished he went about it differently and he was caught up in the moments. Leslie said she doesn’t think she can accept his apology, but she appreciates it. Gerry then responds with, “I hope you find happiness because your humor is so attractive to men.” 

Going back to the episode in Costa Rica, Theresa is now the only woman left. After meeting Gerry at the beach, she shares with him he is the one for her and she can’t imagine her life without him. Gerry said, “You’re not the right person for me to live with… you’re the person I can’t live without.” He got down on one knee and handed her the final golden rose. 

Switching back to the live show, Gerry and Theresa are on stage with Jesse. Theresa said, “I know that Toni and Billy would be so happy for us. I hope people learn there is no age limit to love, if you have love to give, give it and tell them you love them.” Jesse then tells us on Jan. 4 there will be a livestream wedding, on ABC, for Gerry and Theresa.  

Despite a truly dramatic and shocking ending to Gerry’s journey, Gerry and all of the women this season made history and showed what it truly means to find love again. Stay tuned for Joey Graziadei’s season of “The Bachelor,” which premier’s Jan. 22! 

This story was written by Sophie Goldstein. She can be reached at [email protected].

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