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Spoilers from Sophie: ‘The Golden Bachelor: Week 8’

Gerry and the final two women enter fantasy suite week.
Photo by courtesy of ABC
72-year-old Gerry Turner is the first Golden Bachelor.

After shockingly sending Faith home last week, Gerry and the final two women — Leslie and Theresa — traveled to Costa Rica for fantasy suite week. When sitting down with host, Jesse Palmer, Gerry makes sure to let everyone know that during the overnight portion they will “still knock boots.”

Gerry said he could see Leslie being his life partner after they both said they love each other in hometowns, but when he sees Theresa this week, he wants to make sure it is the right moment if he decides to say he loves her.

On the first date of the week, Leslie and Gerry go repelling down a cliff. She shares that Gerry feels different than her last two marriages and she reiterates she is in love with him. During the dinner portion of the date, Gerry asks her why she hasn’t asked him any hard questions to which she responds, “When was the last time you had sex?” 

After an awkward laugh, Leslie tells Gerry she doesn’t want to leave Minneapolis permanently, but she loves him and wants to be with him no matter what. When they both decide to accept the key into the overnight fantasy suite, Gerry tells her, “Find who you can’t live without, not the one you can live with. And I think you are that one. I am 100% in and there is no one else I’d rather live with.” 

In the morning, Gerry doesn’t think it is anyone’s business to know what happened last night, but makes sure to share that they didn’t get enough sleep and he could see himself spending the rest of his life with her. 

Just a matter of hours later, Gerry is on his date with Theresa. When they are riding horses through Costa Rica, it is clear that Gerry is quiet and off. Theresa still tells him she could see a life with him, and Gerry expresses how he doesn’t want to say anything to hurt her.

However, during the date he shares in his interview, the entire time he was thinking about what Leslie was doing and he said, “I’m looking at her going ‘What is wrong with you Turner, she’s the ideal woman for you.’” 

Despite that, during the dinner portion of the date things seem to take a turn in the right direction. Gerry learns more about what Theresa does for a living — which was surprising he didn’t already know this — and is impressed with her hard work and dedication.  Theresa also shares that if she found the right man, she would stop working right away and that she has not been intimate with anyone since her late husband. 

After deciding to accept the key into the fantasy suite, Gerry shares in the morning he is seeing more clearly and was happy he kept an open mind because he, “Could’ve missed the opportunity of a lifetime.”

When saying goodbye, Theresa says she loves him and Gerry said, “You know how I feel, I mean you ‘know’ how I feel.” Then in his interview, he shares that he told her he loved her and meant it from the bottom of his heart. 

Now having shared he is in love with two women and two women love him, Gerry has a tough decision to make as he shared he could see himself living his life with both of them. 

Left on a cliffhanger, we will have to wait two-weeks to find out who Gerry will be giving his final rose to, and who will be going home broken-hearted. 

This story was written by Sophie Goldstein. She can be reached at [email protected].

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Sophie Goldstein, Executive Arts & Entertainment Editor
Sophie Goldstein is a sophomore from Glenview, Illinois studying journalism and is the Executive Arts and Entertainment Editor of the Marquette Wire for the 2023-2024 school year. Prior to this position, she served as the Arts and Entertainment Editor for the Indiana Daily Student at Indiana University. Outside of the Wire, she enjoys spending time with friends, watching reality television and playing with her dog. She is excited to begin her journey at the Wire, while exploring the stories everyone has to share at Marquette.

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