Al McGuire Center to have brand new scoreboard this fall


Photo courtesy of Marquette Athletics.

The Al McGuire Center will have a video scoreboard next semester, replacing the scoreboard that has been up since the arena opened in 2003.

Senior associate athletic director Scott Kuykendall said Marquette Athletics has been planning this project for the last few years.

“We have been exploring the installation of a video board for several years, researching the option that best fits with the space in the Al McGuire Center,” Kuykendall said. “The roof isn’t able to support a center-hung board, so the new one is being installed on the north wall, replacing the secondary board that was previously there.”

The new scoreboard will incorporate several unique features, including a digital video display. According to Kuykendall that will allow fans at the games to watch in-house productions, or the online or TV broadcasts. 

There will also be more statistical data on the new scoreboard. Kuykendall said it will allow the game operation staff to display more player statistics than just points and fouls for basketball or blocks and kills for volleyball. There’s also the capability of having introduction videos or in-game promotions.

“The video board will have a tremendous impact on the atmosphere at the Al on game days, as it will allow us to play videos and graphics throughout the game to help us better engage with the fans,” Kuykendall said.