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Marquette Wire

The student news site of Marquette University

Marquette Wire

The student news site of Marquette University

Marquette Wire

Marquette Wire Staff 2021-’22

Wire Executives

Aimee Galaszewski, Executive Director of the Marquette Wire

Ben Wells, Managing Editor of the Marquette Tribune

Skyler Chun, Managing Editor of the Marquette Journal

Reese Seberg, Station Manager for Marquette Radio

Andrew Amouzou, Station Manager for MUTV


Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Alex Rivera Grant, Editor of Diversity and Inclusion


Social Media

Executive Social Media Producer: Kate Hyland

Assistant Social Media Producer: Ryan Hagan


News Desk

Executive News Editor: Megan Woolard

Assistant News Editor: Julia Abuzzahab

MUTV Executive News Producer: Vanessa Rivera

Assistant MUTV News Producers: Tim Littau, Sarah Richardson

MUR News Audio Producer: Emily Sacco

News Reporters: Connor Baldwin, TJ Dysart, Phoebe Goebel, Hannah Hernandez, Clara Lebron, Bailey Striepling


Projects Desk

Projects Editor: Lelah Byron

Assistant Projects Editor: Maria Crenshaw

Investigative Reporter: Christina Espinoza


Sports Desk

Executive Sports Editor: John Leuzzi

Assistant Sports Editors: Sam Arco, Jackson Gross

MUTV Executive Sports Producer: Tyler Peters

Assistant MUTV Sports Producers: Kylie Goetz, Molly Gretzlock, Kristin Parisi

MUR Sports Audio Producer: Matt Yeazel

Sports Reporters: Johnnie Brooker, Hannah Freireich, Ava Mares, Kelly Reilly, Ben Schultz, Matthew Valente


Arts & Entertainment Desk

Executive Arts & Entertainment Editor: Randi Haseman

Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editors: Rashad Alexander, Kim Cook

MUTV Executive Arts & Entertainment Producer: Ryan Hagan

Assistant MUTV Arts & Entertainment Producer: Patrick Curran, Laura Ojeda

MUR A&E Audio Producer: Julianna Okosun

Arts & Entertainment Reporter: Izzy Fonfara Drewel


Opinions Desk

Executive Opinions Editor: Alex Garner

Assistant Opinions Editor: Hope Moses

Columnists: Grace Cady, Jenna Koch


Copy Desk

Copy Chief: Nora McCaughey

Copy Editors: Jack Connelly, Emily Reinhardt, Bailey Striepling, Alex Wagner


Visual Content Desk

Design Chief: Grace Pionek

Executive Photo Editor: Izzy Bonebrake

Designers: Kayla Nickerson, RJ Siano, Lily Werner

Photographers: Sarah Kuhns, Josh Meitz, Collin Nawrocki


MUTV Production Team

Production Director: Mazie Baldus

Live Remote Coordinator: Charlie Waitkus

Assistant Live Remote Coordinator: Avi Rajvanshi

Assistant Production Directors: Caroline Bennett, Richie Lyons, Ivy Wen


Marquette Radio Team

Assistant General Manager: Emily Bittman

Music Director: Clare Lindstrom

Assistant Music Director: Grace Flynn

Publicist: Marissa Provenzale


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Contact the editorial staff listed above or executive director Aimee Galaszewski at