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Marquette Wire

The student news site of Marquette University

Marquette Wire

The student news site of Marquette University

Marquette Wire

Marquette Wire Staff 2022-’23

Wire Executives

Andrew Amouzou, Executive Director of the Marquette Wire

Megan Woolard, Managing Editor of the Marquette Tribune

Kimberly Cook, Managing Editor of the Marquette Journal

Emily Bittman, General Manager for Marquette Radio

Sarah Richardson, General Manager for MUTV


Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Hope Moses, Editor of Diversity and Inclusion


Social Media

Executive Social Media Producer: Nancy Flaherty

Assistant Social Media Producer: Meghan Oeste


News Desk

Executive News Editor: Julia Abuzzahab

Assistant News Editors: Hannah Hernandez, Sophia Tiedge

Content Coach: TJ Dysart

MUTV Executive News Producer: Tim Littau

Assistant MUTV Multimedia News Journalists: Andrew Hubbuch, Kiley Brockway, Kara McCoy

MUR News Audio Producer: India Lock

News Reporters: Clara Lebrón, Erin Howard, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Uzair Qhavi, Trinity Zapotocky


Investigative Desk

Executive Investigative Editor: Skyler Chun

Assistant Investigative Editor: Jolan Kruse

Investigative Reporters: Brianna Nelson


Sports Desk

Executive Sports Editor: John Leuzzi

Assistant Sports Editors: Ava Mares, Kaylynn Wright

MUTV Executive Sports Producer: Kristin Parisi

Assistant MUTV Multimedia Sports Journalists: Lunden Davis, Adrian Fraga, Gabriel Sisarica

MUR Sports Audio Producer: Jackson Gross

Sports Reporters: Trevor Hilson, Jack Albright, Benjamin Hanson, John Gunville, Emma Kroll


Arts & Entertainment Desk

Executive Arts & Entertainment Editor: Izzy Fonfara Drewel

Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editors: Lauren Puthoff, Phoebe Goebel

MUTV Executive Arts & Entertainment Producer: Caroline Bennett

Assistant MUTV Multimedia Entertainment Journalists: Grace Lambertsen

MUR A&E Audio Producer: Jayna Hogan-White

Arts & Entertainment Reporters: Aiyona Calvin, Isabella Flores, Sofía Cortés


Opinions Desk

Executive Opinions Editor: Kirsten Lyons

Assistant Opinions Editor: Laura Niezgoda

Columnists: Krisha Patel, Trin Burgess


Copy Desk

Copy Chief: Emily Reinhardt

Copy Editors: Briana Nelson, Maeve Nolan, Jack Connelly


Visual Content Desk

Design Chief: Lily Werner

Designers: Erin Schneider, Serena Pace, Kendal Bell

Chief Photographer: Isabel Bonebrake

Photographers: Keifer Russell, Katie Craig, Forster Goodrich


MUTV Production Team

Production Director: Richie Lyons

Live Broadcast Director: Trin Burgess

Assistant Live Broadcast Director: Ben Sherrill

Production Assistants: Jacob Flippins, Ivy Wen, Luke McDonnell

Anchor Coach: Nancy Flaherty


Marquette Radio Team

Assistant General Manager: Emily Sacco

Music Director: Rashad Alexander

Assistant Music Director: Sam Baughn

Publicist: Anna Houston


Comments, questions, corrections or story tips?

Contact the editorial staff listed above or executive director Andrew Amouzou at [email protected]