Marquette Wire

Marquette Wire Staff 2017-18

Wire Executives

Patrick Thomas, Executive Director of the Marquette Wire

Rebecca Carballo, Managing Editor of the Marquette Tribune

McKenna Oxenden, Managing Editor of the Marquette Journal

Ian Schrank, Station Manager for Marquette Radio

Phillip Pinarski, Station Manager for MUTV


Social Media

Social Media Producer: Matt Harte


News Desk

Executive News Editor: Aly Prouty

Assistant News Editors: Sydney Czyzon and Jenny Whidden

MUTV News Producer: Larson Seaver

Assistant MUTV News Producers: Amelia Jones and Grace Terry

News Audio Producer: Lucie Sullivan

News Reporters:  Josh Anderson, Claire Hyman, Sanya Sawlani, Grace Connatser, Sarah Lipo, Natallie St. Onge, Jenna Thompson and Caroline White



Projects Editor: Matthew Unger

Assistant Projects Editor: Alex Groth

Video Editor: Tom Hillmeyer

Investigative Reporters:Matthew Martinez, Margaret Cahill and Rachel Harmon


Sports Desk

Executive Sports Editor: Andrew Goldstein

Assistant Sports Editors: Brendan Ploen and John Steppe

MUTV Sports Producer: Nathan Desutter

Assistant MUTV Sports Producers: Dean Bibens and Chris Reisner

Sports Reporters: John Hand, Meghan Rock, Sammi Alexander, Chris Reisner and Zoe Comerford

Audio Producer: Jack Phillips


Arts & Entertainment Desk

Executive Arts & Entertainment Editor: Mackane Vogel

Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editors: Nathan DeSutter and Noelle Douglass

MUTV Arts & Entertainment Producer: Dennis Tracy

Assistant MUTV Arts & Entertainment Producers: Maura Caruso and Daniel O’Keefe

Arts & Entertainment Reporters: Kelli Arseneau, David Goldman, Mikala Hershman and Daniel O’Keefe


Opinions Desk

Executive Opinions Editor: Morgan Hughes

Assistant Opinions Editor: Caroline Kaufman

Columnists: Reilly Harrington, Maya Korenich and Jackson Dufault


Copy Desk

Copy Chief: Gina Richard

Copy Editors: Emma Brauer, Kaelyn Gray and Ingrid Olson


Visual Content Desk

Design Chief: Hannah Feist

Photo Editor: Helen Dudley

Designers: Molly McLaughlin, Lexi Beaver and Anabelle McDonald

Photographers:  Olivia Qualls, Isaiah Gencuski, Katherine Holstein and Jordan Johnson


MUTV Production Team

Production Director: Tara Schumal

Assistant Production Directors: Alex Langosch, Mallory Winkler


Marquette Radio Team

Assistant General Manager: Jimmy Drenovsky

Publicist: Tim Haggerty

Assistant Publicist: Kennedy Perkins

Music Director: Gabby Powell

Assistant Music Director: Sydney Wagner

Assistant Music Director: Alec Fischer

Audio Content Director: Nicholas Cordonnier