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Fashion Friday: Dressing to Impress in MKE Winters

Mary Hanna is A&E’s style expert reporting on Fashion Fridays throughout the semester. Photo via Pixabay

For the cold days when students yearn to put in a little more effort, here are some great tips for keeping warm and looking put together from head to toe. The goal for students during this season should be to create winter-friendly looks that are easy, stylish and warm. 

Hats. With their perfect balance of cozy and cute, beanie hats are a go-to for chilly winter days. Made in an abundance of styles and colors, there is no need to fret over lack of originality. Beanies can function as a basic add-on to any outfit or add an extra pop to a more subdued look. Either way, there is no question that a beanie should be a part of your winter wardrobe.  

Pants. In recent fashion trends, corduroys are the perfect pant for the winter season. Corduroys manage to simultaneously incorporate comfort, warmth and style in every pair. Brands such as Free People and Zara create their corduroys as more of a statement than a basic. To achieve this, these brands provide corduroys in a variety of colors and styles, allowing buyers to never tire of the classic pant. Whether it be a “Potent Purple” or a ’70s flare, these fashion-forward brands are forbidding their customers to fall into a pattern of repetition. 

Socks. Usually thought of a last-minute throw-on, the creative potential of socks is often forgotten. Socks are one of my personal favorite accessories, perhaps better considered a fashion staple. The fashion possibilities of socks are endless. In winter, it is easy for feet and ankles to get cold without proper protection. Now, that is not to say that everyone should be rocking their thickest pair on the daily, but there are many warm-yet-fashionable options. Mid-calf socks are a perfect way to cover any exposed ankle between a sneaker-shoe and a pant hem. With a multitude of patterns and colors, there is plenty of room to make socks a subdued staple or a funky burst. Wearing boots typically makes socks go unseen. But socks can also peek out of the boot, adding an extra dimension to any look. Depending on the pattern, color and texture, socks can shift the vibe you’re going for quite effortlessly.  

Boots. Some of my winter favorites are Dr. Martens, Timberlands and really any other combat-styled staple boot. For boots, dark solid colors are always good to lean toward. Sticking with relatively simple boots will allow outfits to look more sleek and put-together. For cold and inclement weather, these boots tend to be warmer than sneaker-shoes, while still maintaining a fashionable and, more importantly, versatile look.  

Jackets. Take this item of clothing as just a suggestion. Ha, just kidding. Jackets are a winter must-have, fashion aside. While trekking around campus everyday with a bulky coat, believe it or not, it is still possible to have a balance of fashion and function. Not everyone can afford expensive winter coats that are societally deemed “coveted,” but there are many options to keep you warm and on-trend. Coats are a principal part of any winter outfit, and the right one has the power to tie every look together. 

Scarves. Equally warm and stylish, scarves are the perfect add-on to any outfit. Their dual purpose of protecting you from the cold — especially that lake effect snow and wind — and adding dimensions to a basic outfit makes scarves a smart choice for any winter day. The other great upside of scarves is that you can wear them many different times while still retaining a layer of sophistication and variety with the rest of your ensemble. 

The key to putting outfits together this winter is sticking to basics. This will allow you to look fashionably cinched, while also making it to your 8 a.m. on time. If you’re in a real rush, opt for pieces that resemble more classic styles and colors. It is important to put your best self forward, but in the winter it is easy to lose the motivation of assembling an ensemble. With these tips, I hope you feel and look your best this winter! Stay warm, XO. 

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  • M

    Maureen McConaghyJan 26, 2019 at 7:23 am

    I am wearing cords as I read this. Love ‘em, and they somehow seem warmer than jeans. Believe it or not, we have cold weather in South Carolina. Last night was 21degrees. Not like MKW, granted. Stay warm, Marquette.

  • C

    Colleen HannaJan 25, 2019 at 9:44 am

    Hats are a favorite of mine from Oct.1-May 1! Hats off to an insightful article- I need a little boost in the fashion column.❄️