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Fashion Friday: Paris

While for some Ugg boots may scream “early 2000s,” the shoes are making their way back into the fashion scene today. Photo via Creative Commons

After a semester abroad in Paris, I am looking forward to bringing Parisian-style tips to the 414.

A mild Milwaukee winter thus far, the need for bundling up, though ever-present, has yet to reach its full potential this season. For the days that are worth putting in effort and dressing for, here are some of winter’s biggest styles to incorporate into everyday looks.


It’s an ever-so-rich color, perfect for adding an elegant element to an average winter day’s outfit. Cream, though usually considered quite basic, can vary between a variety of shades of the light neutrals family: beige, off-white and eggshell. When paired with light or dark denim, corduroys or even a trouser, cream effortlessly steals the show with its porcelain, strong presence. Some of my favorite pairings with the color include beige, black and brown. A pop of color, whether it be in accessory or makeup form, can add a daring twist to this PG-rated color.

The Layered Turtleneck

A winter classic, the turtleneck is just as fashionable as it is practical. Worn around the streets of Paris and hidden under sweatshirts and T-shirts, the turtleneck adds an extra element to an ensemble. A personal favorite combination of mine is pairing a white turtleneck bodysuit under a black crewneck sweatshirt — add a pair of denim jeans, some sneaker shoes, a leather jacket and accessories for a complete look.

For maximum fun, opt for mixing patterns and colors. For example, this could be a snakeskin-patterned turtleneck with a neutral shirt or sweatshirt layered on top, or a graphic T-shirt over a solid colored turtleneck. There are many ways to keep this pairing from dying out, even after trendsetters have moved on to the next fashion fad.

Short Ugg Boots

A company that screams “early 2000s” is making its way back into our hearts (and if I’m really being honest, it never left mine) with more subtle takes on its Classic Tall Boot. Two styles that have been around for a while, the Classic Short Boot and the Classic Mini Boot, are compact enough to be seamlessly paired with denim and leggings. Contrary to their full-calf boot sibling, these two boots’ strong suit are their understated structure, stealing this overstated 2000s look and transforming it into 2020 chic.

I find it best to pair these boots with straight leg jeans, only revealing some of the shoe at the bottom. The Classic Short Boot and the Classic Mini Boot also pair nicely with leggings, creating an on-the-go, “Paparazzi took this without me knowing” athleisure-esque look. When purchasing one of these styles, opt for a black, chestnut or sand color in order to get maximum use out of the piece. Feeling more adventurous? Already have a basic-colored pair of Uggs? Try dark cranberry or navy blue as a color statement.

This story was written by Mary Hanna. She can be reached at [email protected]

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  • C

    Colleen HannaJan 31, 2020 at 12:36 pm

    Love the cream and beige look! Saw a favorite morning television personality of mine and she looked her best yet, didn’t know why, but now I do. She was wearing creamy beige top looked so relaxed yet catchy! The color made the look! Thanks for tip top 🤓