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Students contemplate flu season, provide tips to avoid illness

Photo by Zach Bukowski

For Marquette students, a Milwaukee winter means trudging through crazy amounts of snow in boots, hoping to get an email about class cancelation and bundling up for below zero temperatures. Winter also brings flu season, which many students seek to avoid at all costs.

Tissues, cold medicine, rest and fluids can only go so far. While there is no current cure for the flu, students can take certain precautions to avoid illness.

Yara Hamadeh, a freshman in the College of Arts & Sciences, said she experienced a whole new world when it came to being sick at college since she was now responsible for herself, and specifically experienced this when she got sick this semester.

“My parents aren’t here to take care of me, so you (have to) do it yourself,” Hamadeh said. “I had to go to Walgreens, grab all my (stuff) and deal with it like an adult does.” 

Living in the dorms with roommates adds new challenges when it comes to sicknesses. Hamadeh lives in Abbotsford Hall with two other roommates. She said she did not want her roommates to get sick from living in close quarters with her.

“I was pretty good (at cleaning). I was ‘Clorox-ing’ the entire place and whatever I touched (I cleaned). I did not want my roommates to get sick from me,” she said.

As several college students can agree, missing one class can leave students feeling incredibly behind. Hamadeh said missing quite a few classes stressed her out, and she had to take her first exam the day she fell ill. She said she plans on getting the flu shot soon as a preventative measure.

Ally Spencer, a senior in the College of Nursing, said all nursing students are required to get flu shots.

Spencer, who has never fallen ill with the flu while at college, offered tips for how to stay healthy.

“Hand sanitizer, … a lot of hand sanitizer. If you know people are sick, just take precautions,” Spencer said. “Especially if you’re living with a roommate who is sick, get Clorox wipes and just try to stay bacteria free.”

Spencer now lives in an apartment with other roommates, but she has her own room. She said it is a lot easier to keep her distance from her roommates if one of them does get sick. She said she remembered how nervous she felt living in the dorms when her roommates would become sick. 

“It is almost like a guarantee that you won’t stay healthy if your roommates get sick,” Spencer said.

Kevin Shoe, a sophomore in the College of Education, has also been fortunate enough to avoid the flu while at college. He lives in Schroeder with one other roommate and said spreading germs can be a problem while living close to so many people in a dorm.

Shoe said his current roommate gets sick a lot, and Shoe does his best to avoid catching his roommate’s sicknesses.

“Obviously, stay clean, exercise a lot, that’s what one of my teachers told me, keeping your body moving and eat healthy,” he said.

When his roommate does fall ill, Shoe said he tries his best to stay out of his room whenever possible.

It is important during these winter months to stay healthy and watch out for other students who are ill. It is advised that people with flu symptoms (a sore throat, fever, body aches and nausea) stay home for at least 24 hours after the fever is gone, according to the Marquette University Medical Clinic.

Any full-time Marquette student or employee under the Marquette medical insurance plan can receive the flu shot for free at the Marquette University Medical Clinic.

This story was written by Madison Perkins. She can be reached at [email protected].

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