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OLIVER: The lessons you learn from coffee

Eric Oliver

September 3, 2013

I worked at Starbucks the last three years of my life – Sunday was my last day. Although I am on to bigger and better things, I will miss it and the lessons I learned while working in the food service industry. For example, it taught me how to wake up at 4 a.m. and talk to other people. Every so often one of my customers would come up and ask my favorite question, “When did you have to wake up today?” I would always respond with "four," only to be met with the astonished jaw dropped face of the customer. No matter how many times I was asked that question, seeing the reactions to hearing someone got up that early to make coffee was always hilarious. Second, it taught me the value of a tip. When you work at Starbucks you earn an hourly wage plus tips. Although the tips are a bit of a bonus for baristas, for waiters and waitresses tips make up a majority of their paycheck. So what I’m saying is wheth...