Show of the Week: The Good, The Ad and The Ugly


The co-hosts of “The Good, The Ad and The Ugly,” Skyler Donachie (left), Michael Stearns and Joe Cahill

The Good, The Ad and The Ugly is this week’s show of the week! The show runs Monday nights 9-10:30 P.M. and is hosted by Skyler Donachie, Joe Cahill and Michael Stearns.

The three came together to start the show this semester. They are all good friends who share a passion for advertising.

Each show gets going with a “Commercial Break” where they play a popular ad from the week. They analyze the ad and discuss elements of it based off their experience in the advertising world. Other fun segments such as “Yeah, that’s probably an ad,” “Off Brand” and “Mad Men” make up a fun 90 minutes with the three hosts.

Skyler Donachie is a senior advertising major and has been with Marquette Radio since he was a freshman. “It has been an enjoyable experience in the studio,” he said. Outside of Marquette Radio, Skyler is an intern with Anthologie Inc.

Michael Stearns is also a veteran of Marquette Radio and has worked with several different shows and hosts. Outside of the radio world, Stearns is also a senior and advertising major.

Joe Cahill, or as the guys call him, Crime Scene, is a senior at Marquette and also an advertising major.

The guys love doing their show and have great chemistry that has translated brilliantly to the airwaves. Catch the guys this Monday to hear more about The Good, The Ad and The Ugly!