Show of the Week: ‘Plus One’


Meet Bridget Fogarty, the host of this week’s Show of the Week, “Plus One.” Fogarty is an excited and passionate Marquette Radio DJ that most listeners can relate to.

“Plus One” is a music talk show that provides a diverse set of music. From Indie Rock to R&B to Folk, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Fogarty makes listeners feel as if they are in the studio with a welcoming vibe and witty humor.

Each week Fogarty hosts a new guest, who talks about his or her interests and opinions. Guests also share their favorite music and the connections they have with each song, contributing to the show’s goal of discovering new music. The conversations on “Plus One” offer the chance to hear from different students around campus that the average student may not otherwise encounter. The conversations are funny, relatable and insightful.

When Fogarty is not on air, she enjoys volunteering with Midnight Run, traveling to new cities and participating in Pure Dance on campus. Hosting “Plus One” has allowed Fogarty to express herself and broaden her musical taste.

Looking to discover new music?  Listen to the most recent playlist from “Plus One” below. You can catch Fogarty every Monday at 4:30, live on Marquette Radio.