Show of the Week: Sports 4 Sports


This week’s Show of the Week is “Sports 4 Sports,” hosted by freshmen Jack Phillips and Alex Laboy. “Sports 4 Sports” is, you guessed it, a show dedicated to all things sports.

This is Phillips and Laboy’s first semester involved with Marquette Radio. Phillips is a journalism major with a digital media minor and an aspiring sports journalist. He also volunteers for MUTV’s sports show “The Golden Eagle Sports Report.” Laboy is a computer science major and sports enthusiast. Both hosts appreciate the professionalism of their show and how they can have civil debates about sports.

The guys love to engage with their audience on their show. They open their show with what they call a DCI, or Daily Cool Intro, that their audience can suggest. The DCI is typically a call to a famous sports play. While the duo talks about all sports, they love focusing in on football and baseball. Phillips is from the Chicago area while Laboy is from the Milwaukee area, so there is some rivalry between their respective teams.

Listen to “Sports 4 Sports” on Marquette Radio every Tuesday night from 4:30-6:00, and follow them on Twitter @sports_4_sports.