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Q&A: Radio Roulette’s Milwaukee-based Artists

Photo by Keifer Russell
Radio Roulette featured six local Milwaukee artists in a competition to win the chance to open for MUR’s Spring Concert.

Marquette Radio took over the Union Sports Annex this past Friday night for Radio Roulette, previously known as Battle of the Bands. The event was recently renamed with the goal of opening up to not just musical artists and bands, but any genre of performative art. 

Before the show, I had the opportunity to ask the artists a few questions about themselves, their music and the performance.

Cleopatra Hoze

Cleopatra Hoze is an independent singer/songwriter on the rise who mixes the soothing sounds of ethereal bedroom pop-like music.

How do you feel about being the event’s opener?

“I’m kind of nervous about it, but this way I can get it out of the way and enjoy the other artist’s performances without any nerves or anxiety.”

What can the audience expect to hear tonight?

“I’m performing my most recent single titled “BUNNY BOY” that I just released this Valentine’s Day, and it’ll be my first time singing it live, and then I’ll be doing some of my more popular songs.” 


This genre-fluid musical group blends the different sounds of alternative, pop and emo-adjacent music that gives Bug Moment its unique energy and stage presence. 

The band is made up of lead singer Jasmine’s vocals, Gray’s production and guitar, Aidan on the drums and bassist, Eli. 

What’s the best part about the Milwaukee music scene?

“Getting to meet so many people we genuinely love, and just getting to hang out and play with your best friends. In the Milwaukee music scene, artists are kind of on the same team since Milwaukee’s music often gets overlooked due to Chicago being so close.”

If you could describe your band in a few words, what would they be?

Experimental, versatile and genre-fluid. 


With about thirty members in their group, Spider Creek is a genre fluid production-house collective that blends production, singing, and instrumentals.

How would you describe the group’s dynamic? 

“We all play a role here. We team up on merch, production, visuals, everything. It’s like everyone does a little bit of everything.”

What’s next for Spider Creek?

“Our entire collective is going to be releasing solo albums one after another, with some singles and EPs thrown in there as well. We’re also doing a college tour over the summer, and just getting out and performing more.”

Micah Emrich 

An artist that refuses to be bound by genres with his mix of alternative and electronic music using pop undertones creates the unique sound of Micah Emrich.

How would you describe your sound?

“My sound is definitely underlying pop, but it’s kind of a multi-genre encompassing pop. I usually call myself alternative or genre-fluid because there isn’t a genre that I feel speaks to my music yet.”

How do you feel about the Annex as a venue?

“I’ve actually been here once before, but it was to watch other artists perform. The cameras, the swinging arms you don’t see that at other venues.”

What’s a goal of yours as an artist?

“One of my goals is to play Summerfest this year, and also just to keep progressing and meet other artists.”


Artist Duwayne mixes melodic expression and production-based sounds to create his unique style. Not only a vocalist, but he also plays the guitar and drums. 

How would you describe your sound?

“The best way I feel that I can describe myself right now would be a hip-hop artist since that’s what I’ve recently been putting out as an artist. I branch out at the same time, and just kind of do whatever I feel. In the next few months with more releases, things could change I’d like to flex my versatility a little bit.”

What makes you stand out from other artists?

“At the end of the day one thing I feel that separates me is how I became a drummer first, then guitarist, and how I can blend instrumentals with my vocals. Having that musical background in the instrumentalist world has helped me connect bridges in my career.”

Social Cig

Musical project created by singer/guitarist Parker along with bandmates Jake playing guitar, Austin playing bass, and Kai on drums, Social Cig emits the sounds of alternative rock and indie music. 

How does skateboarding intersect with your music?

“I would say my music is kind of indie-surf rock-like, but I don’t surf, I skate a lot. I think I take a lot of influences from that general feeling of sunny days, skateboarding, and enjoying life as much as possible. I’m just trying to put happiness out into the world.”

How are you guys feeling after the sound check?

“We’re feeling good, feeling excited. Thinking we’ll get some food before the performance, hang out and chill with the other bands who also happen to be our friends, too.”

This story was written by Sofía Cortés. She can be reached at [email protected].

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