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EDITORIAL: Holding MUSG Executives accountable

Photo by Alex Debuhr

With the newly announced Marquette University Student Government President and Executive Vice President Abbie Moravec and Tommy Treacy, it is important that we as students hold them accountable to their platform and to communicate their accomplishments with the greater Marquette community. They’ve been elected to this position by the students and should be expected to carry out their campaign.

In their campaign platform Moravec and Treacy emphasized their commitment to social justice, health and wellness and sustainability. They expressed their desire to promote mental health resources, aid in sexual health and especially to provide greater access to menstrual products on campus. 

During the MUSG debate Treacy said that he and Moravec planned to promote diversity in their hiring process and ensure that their committees are fully funded. 

Moravec said, “Within MUSG, as long as I’ve been there, I’ve seen a very diverse background of people in leadership spots and they’re taking on the roles of committee leads and even on the executive board, so I’ve really been able to see how we’re able to bring in student voices from many different backgrounds, organizations and how that’s able to impact some of the policies and legislation that has gone through.”

These are all great ideas, however, to guarantee that they are implemented it is up to students to hold Moravec and Treacy accountable. 

If the two are to be held accountable for their promises it is necessary that greater transparency is cultivated between the MUSG executives and Marquette students. In the past, it has been hard for students to get a good grasp of what MUSG has been doing. Moravec and Treacy should make it a priority to communicate with the community. This could be in the form of social media, newsletters or any other medium that could inform the community and provide updates about what is really being done. 

We, the Marquette Wire, also have a responsibility to hold MUSG accountable. As journalists, it is our job to update and inform our community on the issues that affect it.

The MUSG president and executive vice presidential ticket are meant to serve the Marquette undergraduate community. They are expressly supposed to benefit the students.

According to MUSG this includes, “fostering an organizational environment that aligns with the MUSG mission and values, innovating internal and external processes, leading multiple teams and committees and building those within MUSG to become future leaders.”

Actively communicating with students is vital in order to understand what needs to be done. The MUSG president and executive vice president are some of the only students who have the direct ear of Provost Kimo Ah Yun and President Lovell. Because of this, it is extremely important that they advocate for students who don’t hold the same power.

In order to promote Moravec and Treacy’s goal of Marquette being a “safe, welcoming and comfortable home for current and incoming students,” communication and transparency must be prioritized.

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