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BURGESS: Best of fall fashion, what’s trending?

This is part of a series called “Autumnal Awards” which allows columnists to discuss their favorite fall items in each category.
Photo via Openclipart.
Photo via Openclipart.

As it starts to get colder, it becomes time for a wardrobe change and it’s time to get cute and comfy. Now, maybe some people would usually pick a casual sweatshirt and maybe some jeans and I’m going to add some spice to that wardrobe by giving you my favorite fall fashion trends.

Let’s start off with the amazing, versatile turtleneck. It’s essentially a long-sleeved top and a scarf put together, but the scarf is nice and snug on your neck. I love a good turtleneck, especially with the variations.

The beauty of a turtleneck is that it’s so multi-faceted. You can wear it layered or on its own.

I love to dress it up and down, formal and casual. If you have a wristwatch or a bracelet, you can pull the sleeves a bit, and you can add a more business-casual look to your outfit.

This is one of my favorite fall looks because you get the best of both worlds. You are both comfortable, and fully indulged in that coziness we all seek during the cooler months, but you also appear stylish.

And then there’s the snug version which could possibly make you look like that one “The Rock” meme. There you go, an idea for next year. So, it’s not only great to look cute or handsome, but it is also a costume. Two in one.

Next up, I’ve got the lovely trench coat.

The trench is designed to keep grime and rain off your clothes rather than full protection like a winter coat would.

When I wear a trench coat, I feel elegant and confident. A trench coat can give you the same warmth as a puffy coat, but more classy and less looking like a marshmallow. Sometimes looking like a blue or black marshmallow is kind of cute, but with a trench coat, you walk around looking fancy.

It’s one of the few coats that go with pretty much everything, especially formal wear.

Two of my top three have been for the upper body, so I have to add something for our lovely legs. It may not be a typical style for fall, but I love cargo pants.

Because you never really know if it’ll be cold or warm in the fall, especially here in Wisconsin, you can be versatile in how you style them, deciding to wear either T-shirts or long sleeves.

You can style them with an oversized t-shirt, a snug long sleeve or long fingerless gloves underneath and a fanny pack. There you go, now you can have a simple, stylish fall outfit put together by yours truly.

Fashion is more than just your clothing. It characterizes us as people and also characterizes a season. It is a great way to express ourselves creatively and makes the cold season more bearable with cute clothes that are fashionable and functional.

Is autumn my favorite season? No, it is not, but autumn fashion can take all of my money. It’s so much fun discovering what styles fit you and what you like, especially when there’s so much you can do and try with the variation of warm and cold weather.

Despite the mainstream recommendations, anything that makes you feel cute, confident and comfortable is fashionable

This story was written by Trinity Burgess. She can be reached at [email protected].

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Trinity Burgess, Live Broadcast Director
Trinity is the Live Broadcast Director at the Wire. She is a sophomore from Hoffman Estates, IL studying journalism and political science. In her free time, Trinity enjoys painting and she has a twin brother. This year Trinity is looking forward to the people and the events at the Wire.

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