Style Sunday: REmodel Resale Fashion Boutique


“Preppy and Printed look”: Eddie Bauer printed corduroy button up paired with khaki pants and accessorized with blue/ white striped Gap brand sweater. Styled by in-house stylists. Photo by Jim Wheelock.

Americans throw away over 13 million tons of clothes every year. A certain Milwaukee boutique wants to keep those clothes circulating in homes and out of landfills.

REmodel Resale Fashion Boutique specializes in giving old clothes a new life. The boutique helps reduce the amount of wasted clothing by selling quality items at an affordable price.

According to the REmodel Facebook page, REmodel seeks to put a new spin on the traditional resale shop with its unique store layout and in-house stylists and design team. They host fashion shows to display some of their looks.

“Fun and Flirty Look” : fit and flare jersey knit dress styled with TO DIY FOR teal T-shirt necklace. Designed by in-house designers; Styled by in-house stylists. Photo by Jim Wheelock.

REmodel’s mission is to shed light on environmentally conscious fashion. Fast fashion retailers like Forever 21, H&M and Zara are producing clothes at a rate that can be damaging to the environment. The usage of resources to create clothes, coupled with the fact that the average American throws about 65 pounds of clothes a year creates tons of waste in landfills. REmodel believes in the power of recycling and that there is no need for textiles to be wasted.

The REmodeling process is easy. First, customers donate old clothes to the store. The design team then prepares the newly accumulated merchandise to remodel or resale. All items are sorted, washed or disinfected, steamed, hung and merchandised.

“Men’s Trendy Look”: distressed vest with added leather hood and American embroidered patch from TO DIY FOR collection, paired with khaki shorts and white long sleeve t-shirt. Designed by in-house designers; Styled by in-house stylists. Photo by Jim Wheelock.

After that, new customers purchase the merchandise. Each customer has the opportunity to work with the stylists employed at REmodel.

REmodel takes men’s, women’s and children’s clothing in all seasons, styles and brands. Unlike other resale shops, the boutique accepts ripped, torn or tattered clothing and broken jewelry because these items are great for the REmodeling process. Gently used shoes and handbags are preferred accessories.

All clothing, accessories and shoes can be dropped off in-store at 7513 W Oklahoma Ave. Donors will receive a coupon for in-store savings.

Why should people donate? It frees up closet space, earns in-store savings and helps the environment. Another bonus is that shopping at REmodel can mean looking stylish for less.