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Fashion Friday: Milan

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Fashion Fridays


When I landed at the Malpensa Airport, which is just a short 40 minute drive from the city of Milan, I had no comprehension of the luxurious city that awaited me. Known as the world’s fashion capital, Milan certainly did not disappoint. From the cleanliness of the streets to the designer shoes and put-together ensembles walking on them, sexiness loomed in the air. Enraptured in this unparalleled level of glam, I became infatuated with Milanese style, and therefore tried to pinpoint the main elements of every woman’s (and most men’s) outfit for me to emulate and assimilate into the Milanese uniform for the remainder of spring break.

All Black Everything

A Milanese staple, the color black, was a part of nearly every ensemble worn by the locals. Black is an easy color as a base for more colorful pieces in an outfit, but it is also great on its own. There were many monochromatic black looks worn, exuding uniformity and chicness. The simplicity of this color makes dressing in Milanese fashion simple to do just about anywhere.


The perfect addition to outfits, the Milanese utilize accessories like it’s their nine-to-five while at their nine-to-fives. One of the most popular accessories featured were sunglasses, each pair bigger and more fabulous than the next. Even without the sun shining brightly, sunglasses were used by streetwalkers to tie their outfits together while sending off major Anna Wintour vibes. Handbags were an extremely popular item, and aside from carrying essentials, they oozed window shopping luxury. From all different brands, in every shape imaginable and every color ever featured, the handbags alone were enough to make a fashionista swoon. With spring approaching, it was fascinating to see the new colors being featured for this season’s collections straight off of the runway and on to the streets of Milan.


Practicality was not the most pressing objective for the Milanese when it came to shoes. Given Milan is such a metropolitan city, the streets were filled with professionals. But that did not stop them from delivering only the best footwear available for purchase. In terms of high end footwear, women were often seen wearing stilettos and high heels to and from their commitments. Another popular shoe was the black bootie, not constrained to any particular texture or heel height. This piece of footwear is very easy to adapt to wearing anywhere, not just in Milan.


A personal favorite of mine, coats worn by the Milanese were diverse and pulled each ensemble together. At this time of year it is considered to be winter in Milan, (a fact that Milwaukee residents would laugh at, considering fifty to sixty degrees is quite lovely) so coats were a staple in keeping the Milanese warm amidst these “chilly” temperatures. Typically cinched at the waist and of good structure and length, the selection color is where the most fun was had. Some fashionistas were sporting the spring’s newest lilac or pink hues, while others stuck to a more traditional black or beige tone for their winter staple. Regardless of the color, these coats were ever so chic and made each outfit whole.

The Extras

Aside from clothing, Milanese women constantly looked like they were fresh out of the beauty parlor. Their hair was perfectly coiffed and their makeup defined Covergirl’s slogan: easy, breezy, beautiful.

Overall, the Milanese create and abide by the rules when it comes to style. While we may not all be able to get the chance to go to Milan to see for ourselves, it is important to know that any of these elements can be tailored to one’s own personal style and surroundings, wherever they may be. By adding any of these Milanese style tips to your repertoire, it is possible to carry a little piece of Milan with you always.

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    Colleen HannaMar 22, 2019 at 1:00 pm

    I can personally speak to how a pair of Milanese style sunglasses makes the outfit “complete”. Shine on!😎Happy Spring