Five shades of lipstick to fall in love with 

Fall’s beautiful colors are bound to attract the human eye. So if the leaves and trees are dazzling with color, then why not add some of that color to ourselves and add to the beauty of this world? Here’s the five best shades of lip colors to make your outfits, and this fall, the most colorful one yet.

1—Kat Von D’s Exorcism (Ripe Blackberry): This bold hue of purple matte lipstick is the first I’ve found that not only makes your look edgy, but also lasts all day. Paired with a black tee and ripped jeans, this color is one for the books.

2—Buxom’s Vodoo Spice: Red lipstick lovers who are looking for a similar, but more subtle, everyday kind of shade, should look no further than Buxom’s Vodo0 Spice. True to its name, this color will have you sporting the perfect red lip with a touch of spice.

3—Plum Mannequin by L’Oreal (235): This pink lip staple resembles gorgeous flowers. Add this pretty shade to make a look insta-worthy in seconds.

4—Maybelline’s Grey Over It (765): If the red and pink shades just aren’t doing it for you, then opt for a rich brown. This color satisfies subtle tastes by taking nude to the next level with a touch of warmth. Pair with an olive-green top for a beautiful earthy look.

5—Pink Lolita by Baby Lips: Yes, Baby Lips never really did go out of style. If one’s lips are dry and need something extra to look glam, then seek the aid of this tinted shade. Not only will it help moisturize lips, but  subtle light pink will also add a touch of glossy perfection.