A breath of fresh air came to fashion when pantone colors made their mark this season. Light and airy, 2016’s sought-after aesthetic will stimulate your style in a new direction.

It’s the season of pantone in fashion, accessories, makeup – you name it. This season’s pantone colors focus around serenity and rose quartz, a light blue and pink that are washed with gray tones. This light color palette has been popular in street style and on the runway. For spring, we’re going to amp it up, or in this case, dilute it down to pantone pastels. Versatile and flattering for every skin tone and undertone shade, this palette will pop its way through your favorite fashion fixes as a statement color. We’re loving pale yellows, baby pinks and light blues for our transition into the warmer weather.

With Sephora’s pantone makeup revelation, brands are incorporating pale palettes to bring back a softer femininity to fashion. Top designers are reveling in the combination of these textile – think Vionnet, Carolina Herrera, Etro, Mother of Pearl and Armani Prive. Recent spring 2016 menswear is all over the combination as well.

Similar to color blocking, the pantone method utilizes different textures, hues and shades of a color family to create one cohesive look. It creates outfits which flow together seamlessly. If you’re a little hesitant to try the color blocking method, stick to the pale pantone look and liven up your spring wardrobe. Sometimes, the less bright, the more fluid.

The most accessible and easily worn are serenity and rose quartz. This light blue and baby pink have cool undertones and almost appear as if they’re washed with a slate gray. Paired best with creams, a light-wash denim, gray and a stark white will accentuate even the lightest tone. For men, go for a clean statement blazer with your choice of color and leave the rest of the outfit neutral. Or if you’re more eccentric, opt for a paisley shirt – a popular print with tons of blues and pinks, and something casual, a hoodie or distressed printed top paired with denim and a trench.

If pales aren’t usually your forte, opt for a pantone accessory, beauty product or shoe. The tones are too softly beautiful to pass up for spring.

Go-to retailers like ASOS, Topshop, Forever 21, H&M and Pacsun are no strangers to pantones and incorporate these colors, especially in their accessories and handbags.

Beauty plays a key role in this pantone revelation, too. Sephora’s Pantone Universe lipstick and Watercolor lipgloss set are sure to make a splash. Contrary to popular belief, the formula is quite sheer and adds a tint of cool toned color to your lipstick shade underneath. Similarly, the Watercolor glosses have the same effect. They’re perfect for adding a hint of color that isn’t so conventional.

This color palette allows you to liven up your spring wardrobe without being too over-the-top. Light and calming, accents of pantones are sure to make a refreshing statement.