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Wrapped up in warmth

Hannah Kirby

Rosy cheeks and freezing weather, matching scarves with gold and leather.

As winter rolls in, the heavy jackets come out. The days become monotonous: coat and boots, coat and boots.

This season, spice up a dull winter look with unique accessories to layer and add pops of color.

Accessories are quintessential to fashion. If fashion was a food group, accessories would be the toppings. From bomber jackets to hats, scarves and socks, accessories are the saving grace that will keep you warm.

The cool, windy Wisconsin mornings might cause one to lean towards a puffy coat, but before reaching for that Canada Goose jacket, or that Lands’ End down coat, try a bomber jacket instead. Popularized by Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo” concert gear, bomber jackets come in a range of metallic colors that trap heat similar to a down coat, yet cinch at the sleeves and waist. This makes for a puffy fusion of metal and comfort. Bomber jackets accentuate the upper body and add focus to the color and tone of an outfit.

Bomber jackets are not the only way fashion can keep your body warm; vests are a traditional, yet constantly evolving trend piece. From puffy to down to even fur, vests let you strut your long sleeve or  sweater while creating a nuance of color tones. This season, faux fur vests are thriving in light of a cold day. From the quintessential neutral colors to the brightening pantone pink and blue, faux fur vests are an accessory and a necessity.

While winter hats serve to keep the head warm, not everyone thinks of winter hats as a way to pull an outfit together. This year, replace a classic pullover knit cap with a baseball cap featuring logos for a fun, edgy vibe, or add a knit beanie. Hats allow you to take a break from doing your hair and trap in heat, while expressing yourself. Black and navy blue are traditional go-to colors when it comes to baseball caps or beanies, but don’t be afraid to dabble with metal platelets on a hat. The reflective metal will break up the color block, while invoking a fierce vibe to any outfit.

Every hat has its matching lower half: a scarf. Scarves have maintained their place as  fashion accessories throughout the years. Whether skinny, long, pullover, wrap-around or even infinity, scarves are a pillar of winter fashion. Milwaukee is one of the windiest cities in the United States – protect your neck with tan and neutral scarves. The scarf will keep you warm while softly accentuating your choice of outwear, whether that be a leather jacket, bomber or vest.

An outfit encompasses the full body, and while it is a given that winter demands pants, do not be afraid to accessorize your feet.  Ditch the classic riding boots and opt for an ankle boot. Ankle boots are this season’s ultimate go-to accessory. From heels to flats, suede to leather, ankle boots are available in all forms. Utilizing ankle boots can show off flattering socks in colors such as navy, maroon or brown. Yet, the boot itself can create a great vibe. Tassels, metallic clasps and even studs dictate the essence of your outfit.

Winter can stunt your style from head to toe. This season, express yourself through accessories. While the weather can make you downtrodden, add some warmth to your days with the quintessential fashion: winter accessories.

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