Style Sunday: Women’s march look

Last weekend something amazing happened. Millions of people around the world united and marched for a cause. People from all seven continents banded together on one day, which, in modern history, is practically unheard of. In Chicago alone, there was an estimate of 250,000 marchers in attendance. The 500,000 people who showed up in Washington D.C. or the 750,000 in Los Angeles and the other hundreds of thousands across the nation and the world were impressive numbers as well.
In the upcoming days, months and years there is sure to be more history making through (peaceful) protests. What is the best way to dress and prepare for a march or protest?

First and foremost, dress like yourself. Marches are safe spaces filled with different kinds of people and no judgement. Everyone has their own unique style that is embraced by everyone else.
Second, consider the expected weather. Dressing appropriately for the weather is important to prevent future illness. In addition to weather, comfort is also essential. Marches are usually hours long and involve large crowds of people. Discomfort can cause you to lose focus on what is being protested.
Finally, plan out footwear carefully. Sneakers are the way to go, especially if you plan on standing and walking for extended periods of time. Not to mention they are currently in style, as sneakers are a big part of the Athleisure trend. Although walking in heels might be the more fashionable choice, it is not always a practical one.

Dissecting the outfit:

A – Eyewear
Rain or shine, UV rays still exist. Just like skin, eyes are susceptible to UV ray damage. Eyewear ranging from glasses to sunglasses can always add a finishing touch to any outfit. 
B – Accessories
Some other finishing touches to a march day outfit might include hats, bags and cameras. At the Women’s March in New York, Rihanna wore a pink baseball hat.                       

C – Top
On the day of the Women’s March in Chicago the temperature was well into the 50s. Because it is the middle of winter and the weather is unpredictable, I opted for a sweatshirt. Not only did it fit in with the Athleisure trend, but it also came in handy when temperatures did eventually drop. Rihanna also sported a sweatshirt in her Women’s March look.   
D – Layers
It’s no secret in the fashion world that layers can elevate an outfit. It is also no secret that layers provide lots of warmth. For those reasons I added this faux fur vest to my look.
E – Bottoms
A skirt might not be the expected choice for someone planning on walking long distances, but weather in Chicago allowed it. I took advantage of that. This skirt in particular was comfortable and non-constricting.
F – Footwear
Shoes can make or break your day. Choosing a pair that won’t cause pain later is a good idea.