MUR Show of the Week: The Church of Yeezus Christ


Spencer (left) and Chris in-studio

This semester, Marquette’s days of worship weren’t only on Sundays. Marquette Radio is proud to present our last show of the week for the fall semester: The Church of Yeezus Christ! Airing on Friday afternoons from 1:30-3:00, The Church of Yeezus Christ (TCYC) is a new show this semester co-hosted by Chris Ricco and Spencer Kipfmueller. A show as unpredictable as this one is rightly named in honor of 2016’s king-of-unpredictable, Kanye West. Featuring unique discussions, thought-provoking insights, and some downright bizarre on-air phone interviews, you can never say what Chris and Spencer will have in store for you.

Like Yeezy himself, TCYC covers everything. They’ll dig into deep conversations on Wisconsin cheese, test their knowledge on pop culture, and at moments may leave you questioning what exactly you just heard. Along the way they’ll feed you a regular dose of hot jams to prepare for whatever is to come with your Friday night. And yes, those jams are usually spiced with the musical stylings of Mr. West himself. The Church of Yeezus Christ is just the dose of worship you need to start the weekend.

Marquette Radio is far from being the only place Spencer and Chris spend their time. Chris is a Big Brother in Marquette’s Big Brother/Big Sister organization and competes in intramural football and basketball. Spencer on the other hand, is on the Marquette Crew team, and is also part of the Rock Climbing Club. If you want to grab a cup of tea with Spencer, dunk on Chris or just keep up with them in general you can find them on their respective Facebook pages.

You can check out the playlist from their last show below, and you can catch The Church of Yeezus Christ one more time for the semester this Friday 12/9, from 1:30-3 p.m. LIVE on Marquette Radio.