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Let women age gracefully

Clara Lebrón, Opinions Columnist January 23, 2024
In a world valuing anti-aging creams and wrinkle relief masks, society needs to come to terms with the fact that we get old. Let people age in peace and revel in the beauty of crow's feet and smile lines.
QHAVI: Dash to the finish line

QHAVI: Dash to the finish line

Uzair Qhavi, Assistant News Editor December 12, 2023

My college journey was a 50-yard dash to the finish line. I graduated college early, got a nice fancy internship at a law firm, took the LSAT and then (hopefully) went to law school. I never really thought...

Jordan King takes a shot during Marquettes game against University of Pennsylvania.

Stellar shooting helps Marquette women soar

Conor McPherson, Sports Columnist December 12, 2023
Off to a hot start, the Marquette Golden Eagles Women's Basketball team has a 9-0 record so far. The key to this season has been their sharp shooting and keen eye for the hoop.
Chief Reinhardt and her beloved copy desk during a bonding activity last year.

REINHARDT: Time to move on

Emily Reinhardt, Copy Chief December 12, 2023

While most people in my life know me as Emily, some get to know me as "Chief." For the past year and a half, I have been used to being called this name. Rather than viewing it as a position title, I now...

Filling in Coach Bennett’s footsteps

Conor McPherson, Sports Columnist December 5, 2023
Marquette men's soccer head coach Louis Bennett recently stepped down from the position ending his 16 seasons of calling Valley Field home. Marquette struggled in recent years but there are a few things a new head coach can do to bring the Golden Eagles back up to speed.

Need for parasocial boundaries

Clara Lebrón, Opinions Columnist December 5, 2023
With social media, we're even more connected to our idols, but these relationships can blossom into parasocial nightmares feeding delusions. We need to draw boundaries and begin recognizing the unhealthy obsessions people have.

Keep gambling out of stadiums and uniforms

Conor McPherson, Sports Columnist December 5, 2023
As sports betting becomes more and more popularized, the NFL can't expect its players to not gamble when advertising is being shoved in their faces at every moment. The league needs to take a step back from sports betting endorsements and start putting the players first.

Biden still best choice amid global conflicts

Joseph Schamber, Opinions Columnist December 5, 2023
With the upcoming 2024 election, it's important to take recent events into consideration. Despite lower approval ratings, President Joe Biden is still the best option for Americans, especially when it comes to international conflict.
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell froze on camera during appearances in July and August.

Install term limits for Congress

Kirsten Lyons, Assistant Opinions Editor November 21, 2023
The median age of a senator is 64 years old while most Americans aren't even past 40, and disparity creates a huge disconnect between representatives and their constituents. To solve the problem, the government should begin implementing term limits.

Bring back internet safety

Izzy Fonfara Drewel, Executive Opinions Editor November 21, 2023
With society barreling through the digital age, it's important to maintain vigilance and continue to protect ourselves online. There's no way of ensuring who is on the other side of the screen and we need to remember to keep our private lives private.

Psychedelic-assisted therapy is the future

Kirsten Lyons, Assistant Opinions Editor November 15, 2023
Since the mid-1900s psychedelics have been under strict scrutiny from the federal, but we have reached a point where we should be researching the positives. Psychedelic-assisted therapy is the next great frontier in modern medicine.

Require digital literacy courses

Clara Lebrón, Opinions Columnist November 14, 2023
Society is becoming more digitalized day by day and digital literacy is quickly making its way to the top of job applications, but schools are not doing enough to educate students. Educational institutions need to offer more technology focused curriculums.
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