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University President Michael Lovell gave his 7th annual address Feb. 4.

EDITORIAL: MU presidential address lacks transparency, inclusivity

February 9, 2021
In 2021, Lovell should make deliberate efforts to maintain connections with students and the university must be more transparent about its decisions.
Graphic by Alexandra Garner

KOCH: Destigmatize mental health, don’t just normalize

Jenna Koch, Opinions Columnist February 9, 2021
Mental health activists need to strive to destigmatize mental illnesses rather than normalize them.
Marquette should consider working with the Counseling Center to promote mental health awareness on Mental Health Days. Marquette Wire stock photo

PATEL: Marquette should reconsider spring 2021 semester changes

Krisha Patel, Stringer February 4, 2021
Marquette students work hard and deserve a break.
President Joe Biden is the first United States president to openly oppose the death penalty. Photo via Flickr

RUFFOLO: President Biden should abolish death penalty

Lucia Ruffolo, Opinions Columnist February 2, 2021
The Biden administration must work to abolish the federal death penalty and take action to end the sentences for prisoners on death row.
President Joe Biden announced his American Relief Plan to help Americans during the pandemic. Photo via Flickr

PICKART: American Rescue Plan necessary to support U.S.

Max Pickart, Opinions Columnist February 2, 2021
President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan is key for the revival of the United States’ economy, as well as the livelihood of the people of in the U.S.
University President Michael Lovell announced that 39 faculty and staff positions would be eliminated Jan. 21.

EDITORIAL: Marquette failed faculty, staff

February 2, 2021
Marquette University faculty and staff deserve more respect, acknowledgement and support through greater transparency and communication.
Marsha P. Johnson was a prominent LGBTQ+ activist in the 1960s. Photo via Flickr

KOCH: Transphobia within LGBTQ+ community creates harm, must be addressed

Jenna Koch, Opinions Columnist February 2, 2021
Transmedicalism, the belief that males and females have different brains, is harmful to the LGBTQ+ community and perpetuates transphobia.
Alt-right supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol building Jan. 6. Photo via Flickr

RUFFOLO: ‘Alt-right’ supporters will persist after Trump era

Lucia Ruffolo, Opinions Columnist January 26, 2021
Many members of former President Donald Trump's fanbase will remain despite him leaving presidency.
U.S. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell denounced former President Trump's encouragement of supporters raiding the Capitol building. Photo via Flickr

PICKART: Trump lost Republican loyalty toward end of presidency

Max Pickart, Opinions Columnist January 26, 2021
Recent actions in our nation's Capitol caused Republicans to lose trust in former President Donald Trump.
Marquette announced it would be increasing residence hall costs Sept. 2020. Marquette Wire stock photo

PATEL: Marquette shouldn’t raise residence hall costs, develop solutions for future

Krisha Patel, Stringer January 26, 2021
Marquette University unrightfully increased room and board costs for the 2021-2022 academic year.
An individual stands in front of armed police officers during a Black Lives Matter protest in Seattle, Washington May 2020. Photo via Flickr

MOSES: Police brutality during Capitol raid, BLM protests highlights stark difference

Hope Moses, Opinions Columnist January 26, 2021
The protests at the Capitol on January 6 highlight the stark difference between the treatment of alt-right protestors and Black Lives Matter supporters.
Marquette University announced it would be making changes to its spring COVID-19 prevention and mitigation plans. Marquette Wire stock photo

EDITORIAL: University’s COVID-19 plan for spring 2021 semester needs improvements

January 26, 2021
Marquette University’s campus planning for the spring 2021 semester is still not aggressive enough to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on campus.
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