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QHAVI: Dash to the finish line


My college journey was a 50-yard dash to the finish line. I graduated college early, got a nice fancy internship at a law firm, took the LSAT and then (hopefully) went to law school. I never really thought about journalism for a second until December of last year.

If you know me, you know I have a deep infatuation with politics and as I was watching MSNBC’s 2022 election coverage, I remember seeing one of my professors who did written commentary for the network as things developed throughout the night. I felt a sense to do the same as well but didn’t know how. Days after Election Day, I went to her office and asked how she got into it and how I could as well. She suggested to start off at a place I had previously heard of: The Marquette Wire.

That’s what brought me here 12 months later. I got to do so many things at the Wire I never really thought of when I first got to Marquette. I had the privilege of writing about significant topics such as the State of the Union and engaging closely with the dynamic newsroom and the much-talked-about firefighter calendar. Additionally, I explored the influential Marquette Law Poll – shoutout to Dr. Franklin.

Life can be pretty forgiving, but if I could go back and give myself three pieces of advice it would be this:

1. Think more about what brings you joy and less about what relieves your fears

We all have the opportunity to shape our lives to the extent that is possible. Don’t not try something because it doesn’t fit your puzzle or because people may say something about you – remember in the end trying something only helps you. It makes you realize who are and what you do and do not like. Years from now, no one will care if you failed.

2. Bring joy to others

I’m someone in the newsroom who is well established for being a jokester, sometimes too far. Though I don’t do it without reason. On those late Tribune nights, I try to be the mood lifter in our frantic newsroom. A quick joke or a loud Taylor Swift chorus from me was the catalyst to us all smiling a bit more amid the chaos. Let people remember you for the joy you brought, not the sorrow.

3. Keep going everyday

I’ve dealt with my fair share of bad days in college, but the one thing I regret looking back on them is that I let them ruin the days to come. If I could say one thing on this, it would be this: don’t let one bad day bring you down; cherish the good days that follow.

Thank you so much to everyone who made my short, but packed time at the Wire meaningful. It’s a friendship I hope to carry on even when I’m sitting in my rocking chair.

To Dr. Azari – thank you for opening my eyes to the world of journalism and the crucial role it plays in politics. I couldn’t have started this without you.

To Sophia, Julia and Megan – thank you all for taking chances on me and also letting me submit stories a little later than usual sometimes. I could not have done this without your help and guidance, even when I would pitch obnoxious stories. It’s because of you all of this is possible.

To Tim and Andrew H. – thank you for letting me work on your shows and allowing me to get a glimpse into the world of T.V. I would not have learned or gained the momentum in my career without you guys.

Lastly, to the news reporters – enjoy your time at Marquette and do things that make you happy. Also try to keep Sophia, Trinity and Megan sane for the next semester (and maybe Julia).

With heartfelt gratitude and a touch of sadness, I bid you all farewell. Good night, Marquette – this is your Assistant News Editor Uzair Qhavi signing off for the last time.

This story was written by Uzair Qhavi. He can be reached at [email protected].

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About the Contributor
Uzair Qhavi
Uzair Qhavi, Assistant News Editor
Uzair Qhavi is an assistant news editor at the Marquette Wire for the 2023-2024 year. He is a senior from Franklin, WI studying political science. In his free time, he enjoys watching movies and binging television shows. This year Uzair is excited to work on in-depth projects and have a fun start to his last year at the Wire.

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