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Fashion Friday: New York Fashion Week

The New York Fashion Week has received all the hype it deserves this February. Photo via Flickr

Intimate gatherings, highly anticipated collections and the exclusivity of it all, New York Fashion Week has received all the hype it deserves this February. With COVID-19 restrictions at an all time high, NYFW has capitalized on the ever so intimate world of top-tier fashion. Since getting an invite was nearly impossible, here’s what you missed earlier on this week.


A NYFW masterpiece that nearly brought me to tears, RAISA VANESSA embodied everything we deserve in fashion for fall 2021 and more. Hints of brown, simplistic hourglass silhouettes and power patterns, this Istanbul-based brand set the precedent for the remainder of NYFW. Set in a futuristic airport and museum fusion backdrop, this show exuded next-century fashion. My favorite piece was a structured black cape with gold button details — the most chic poncho I have ever laid eyes on. There is a one hundred percent chance my FBI agents heard an audible gasp when this coat graced my screen. Paired with black latex pants a la my last article, this look was a showstopper. Honorable mentions for the RAISA VANESSA show include the use of London school girl patterns, an array of delectable brown shades, disco elements and potent purples.

Jason Wu

Set in a familiar location — local grocery store slash farmer’s market — Jason Wu chose a realistic backdrop for this ready-to-wear focused fall 2021 line. Wu’s designs were practical, comfortable and delectable. With a major emphasis on coats, it was clear Wu wished to shed light on the reality of our impending autumn looks. Another proponent of plaid, Wu debuted tweed outdoor sets laid over bodacious boots. The MVP of Wu’s NYFW show for me was his incorporation of pinks and pomegranate. Usually focused on deeper, more somber hues, I found his inclusion of pin hues to be refreshing, adding major depth to his overall collection. There’s nothing more suited for fall than a coat, now popular in longer lengths, Wu has a range of coats to choose from to add to your fall wardrobe. 

As I write this review earlier on in this week, my excitement for the remainder of NYFW rests high. I highly recommend downloading the NYFW app or visiting their website for a first-hand experience into NYFW February 2021. COVID-19 may have removed the allure of in-person fashion week; However, the level of creativity and innovation in these highly produced shows is immaculate.

This story was written by Mary Hanna. She can be reached at [email protected].

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    Colleen HannaFeb 19, 2021 at 5:02 pm

    I will download the app to explore more that is to be showcased!!! This 2021 show leaves the senses bursting for more. Here we go !