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McCormick Hall will say goodbye to its last residents at the end of the week; students shared their memories of living in the beer can. For many, the dorm represented a new start and the beginning of their career. In our series, “McCormick Stories,” we heard from successful alumni that all started their time at McCormick Hall.

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  1. Randy Stark on May 23rd, 2018 1:09 pm

    I had the “privilege” to live in McCormick Hall two consecutive years (1979-1981). What it lack in amenities it made up in durability. I recall my Freshman year that 4th Floor had the dubious distinction of having the largest damage assessment on campus and the highest single floor GPA. This was likely the result of a “situation” created by a group (now engineers, lawyers and doctors) removing a bathroom stall door, plunging the shower drains with towels and blocking the shower room entrance so they/we could fill the area to make a “swimming pool”. The RA discovered the situation at about the time 2 1/2 feet of water had built up. He panicked and feared the weight of the water would collapse the floor. He lifted the dam, not fully understanding that he released a tidal wave that washed out of the bathroom into the hall and ultimately flooded about a dozen rooms. Good times, good times….RIP McCormick

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