Getting creative with drugstore costumes

When I first went into Walgreens, I thought that I had my work cut out for me and putting an easy costume together would be no problem. Once I went in and looked at the prices of various items, however, my $15 price cap really hit me.

The first thing I went to look for was the T-shirts. There were not a ton of options, which I attributed to it being Halloween time. I ended up picking up a medium sized white T-shirt for $3.50. This was a good starting point to work my costume around. There was a lot that I could do with a white shirt. Plus it was pretty cheap.

Next I searched for accessories and found a black fleece beanie for $2.75. When I saw the hat, I thought it would go well with the T-shirt to put together a robber costume. The incognito outfit would make for an unmistakable and easy costume. The hat would provide some warmth in the cold, which the T-shirt obviously can not do by itself. I thought about getting the thinner black beanie that costed a little less, but decided that it would be beneficial to spend a little extra money to stay warm.

Now with the robber costume in mind, I realized that I could draw thick black stripes on the white shirt I picked up, which is the classic, old-school robber shirt.

I looked for bottoms, which I thought would be really scarce, but ended up finding a couple of leggings and tights in one section. The all-black fleece leggings for $4 would be a good option for the outfit. These would go together perfectly with the shadow-like robber look, and also be able to keep me warm in the brisk weather.

All of the items I selected thus far would be comfortable and easy to wear all night.

Last,  I picked up a tiny jar of green face glitter for $3 to complete the look. I thought that the costume needed a little something extra, and  the glitter would be the perfect addition. I used the glitter to create a money sign on each of my cheeks. The pop of color made the ensemble stand out. 

Overall, I started off thinking that it would be a piece of cake to find a costume in Walgreens. And while they do have a lot of items to work with, it was difficult to do on a budget and also difficult to deal with what the store had left after the rush of other people getting last minute costumes. Once I had a vision with the black fleece beanie, I really started to formulate the costume in my head, and with the shimmer of green glitter money signs, in the end the costume really came together.