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Innovative student entrepreneurs make their mark

Aryssa Redmond customizes press-on nails for Milwaukee community.

Marquette University College of Business Administration is home to 1,497 undergraduate students each having their own pursuits for the future. 

Some of these students, Aniya White and Aryssa Redmond have their own student businesses and aspire to be their own bosses one day. 

Aniya White, a student in the College of Business Administration, owns her own business called “Waisted by Nie”, where she sells waist beads and promotes them through her Youtube platform.

White found her passion for becoming an entrepreneur during the COVID-19 pandemic. It started off as something she wanted to do for herself and her friends but shortly after others began to want her products.

“I found my passion for making them because my mom always did DIY projects and was very into fashion,” White said. “We had a lot of the supplies I needed at home, and I watched a few youtube videos and did my research on them. I am all for woman’s empowerment. What kept me going was the reviews from other ladies that they felt beautiful in their own skin and that I was spreading body positivity.”

White advises others wishing to create their own business to not rush their ideas and to allow themselves to fail.

“I can’t cry about having too much on my plate when my goal was to eat,” White said.

As of now, White’s current goals are to gain 500 youtube subscribers and have more brands reach out to her for hair reviews. 

Aryssa Redmond, a sophomore in the College of Business Administration, paints nails and customizes press-on nails. Similar to White, her passion sparked during the COVID-19 pandemic, when she realized her fascination for nails and how they helped keep her busy during hard times.

Redmond said one of her major successes was having been completely booked for holidays. Although this was exciting, it was also overwhelming. While she was stressed at points, she said she always reminds herself to keep persevering. 

A major success that I’ve had is being completely booked for holidays,” Redmond said. “A downfall I’ve had is the feeling of being burnt out, while trying to balance a full-time business and being in school full-time.”

Redmond said she lives by a certain motto that helps her stay motivated and calm in times of frustration.

“Everyone who gives me the privilege to service them walks out a new person. Leave everyone satisfied,” Redmond said. 

Redmond appreciates the support from everyone, specifically the importance of communities of color supporting one another.

“If we don’t support us, nobody will,” Redmond said. “As a Black entrepreneur, all my support comes from my community. Without their support, I would not have a flourishing business. Give people a reason to support, let everyone ride your wave!” 

Marquette’s Black-owned student businesses present a variety of products that are unique and individual, just like Aryssa Redmond and Aniya White’s products. Both Redmond and White acknowledge the importance of support from communities and the impact it can have. 

“It is important for our culture to stay together. By supporting one another we can create a bigger change for ourselves,” White said. “By shedding light on the people around us that look like us, we are creating a path for positive role models for the younger generations to look up to people who they can relate to as well.”

This story was written by Isabella Flores. She can be reached at [email protected]

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