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Changes to MarquetteCASH vendor options
Graphic by Sydney Czyzon [email protected]

MarquetteCASH recently added three new vendors – Burger King, the Halal Guys and Sendik’s – and lost a vendor – MyYoMy! Frozen Yogurt.

As of now, 12 vendors accept MarquetteCASH, 10 of which are located between 12th and 19th Streets. The Halal Guys, located on Oakland Avenue by University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, joins Pizza Shuttle as the only other off-campus vendor to take MarquetteCASH.

The MarquetteCard website still has MyYoMy! Frozen Yogurt and Marquette Coin Laundry listed among the other 12 MarquetteCASH-accepting vendors, although both businesses are not currently accepting MarquetteCASH.

Rob Mullens, the Union Station manager, said Marquette administrators work with a third-party vendor called Blackboard to negotiate individual agreements with vendors. Mullens said that Marquette does not reach out to businesses, but instead allows them to come to the university if they want to take MarquetteCASH. Agreements vary from business to business.

“The percentage amount (vendors are charged for MarquetteCASH sales) depends on a variety of factors including the type of business, potential sales volume and their existing affiliation with Marquette,” Mullens said in an email.

Pizza Shuttle, a delivery-only option for students, still accepts MarquetteCASH. Manager Mark Gold said he used to rent a transaction terminal for MarquetteCASH that was too costly to maintain.

“We bought our own machine to lower the cost instead of renting it,” Gold said. His new terminal cost a $200 one-time fee, as opposed to the $50-a-month rental fee he previously paid.

However, Gold said he does not mind the 10 percent fee that comes along with offering MarquetteCASH. He said he just wants more business.

“We’d rather pay 13 percent to get a lot of money (from more business) than pay 10 percent to get (almost) nothing,” Gold said.

Gold also said he believes Marquette does not promote businesses who accept MarquetteCASH as much as they should. “(Marquette has) access to the people who are customers. We don’t have access to the customers,” Gold said. “Every week, they should really send out a list of the specials from the businesses and give them to the students.”

However, the Alumni Memorial Union marketing team offers to post specials on social media.

“As part of the initial agreement, Marquette commits to the listing on the website and reasonable posting via AMU social media. The vendors are also given ‘MarquetteCASH accepted here’ signs. Any other marketing is the responsibility of the individual vendors,” Mullens said.

The MarquetteCard website also says there are “money-saving specials available only when you use your MarquetteCASH” that “give you up to 25-50 percent savings” weekly.

Mullens said he is not aware of any current deals. “The vendors are welcome to provide discounts or specials, but we don’t mandate it,” he said.

At some vendors, MarquetteCASH users are restricted from purchasing certain items. At stores like The Dogg Haus, Sendik’s and Miss Katie’s Dinner – all of which accept MarquetteCASH – students cannot purchase alcohol.

At 7-Eleven – which accepts MarquetteCASH – students face further limitations. Alcohol, tobacco and condoms cannot be purchased on a MarquetteCard.

Mullens confirmed this information.

“We do not allow MarquetteCASH to be used to make purchases that may be contrary to Jesuit values or may possibly create a situation in conflict with university policies or state laws,” he said.

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