MUR Show of the Week: Prison Food…Same Crap, Different Week


Photo by Michael Stearns

From left: hosts Brendan Nemeth, Michael Stearns, and frequent guest Adam Labban in the studio

Marquette Radio is proud to present our latest show of the week, Prison Food…Same Crap, Different Week!

It is a returning show featuring co-hosts and old friends Michael Stearns and Brendan Nemeth. In their own words, “We’re here to give you the cornucopia of music that you need to liven up your week. From jazz to rap to post-hardcore to experimental psychedelic progressive post-grunge math core dub.” With a name that stems from a Ben Folds song, the DJs of Prison Food enjoy pulling from all corners of the sonic sphere to fill their show. Outside of their eclectic tastes in music, when you tune in you can look forward to some recurring segments: on Coffee Talk, the guys discuss anything and everything about the world of the caffeine bean (Brendan serves as the resident coffee aficionado). Looking for an existential meditation on life? They’ve got you covered with Shower Thoughts, where they talk about their favorite recent posts from the popular Reddit thread. Prison Food is the aural curveball you didn’t know you needed. Tune in and these DJs will be sure to give you the same crap every week.

Aside from being members of MUR, you can find the two juniors in a number of other campus roles. Michael is a member of the Marquette University Wind Ensemble, percussionist in the MU Pep Band, and serves as the Event Manager of Advertising Club. Brendan is in the Public Relations Student Society of America and is currently working on starting a coffee club here at Marquette. Don’t think they forgot about sports though — these DJs have been known to show off their athletic prowess in intramural softball.

You can check out the playlist from their latest show below, and you can catch Prison Food…Same Crap, Different Week every Monday afternoon from 1:30-3:00 LIVE on Marquette Radio.