MUSG senator pulls amendment on student organization funding

MUSG Senate planned to vote on the amendment Oct. 26 before Vrana decided to pull it. Photo by Yue Yin/

Sophia Boyd , Student Government & Politics Reporter

Senator Cameron Vrana, a sophomore in the College of Business Administration, pulled an amendment he reintroduced Oct. 11 that gave the Marquette Student Government senate the power to vote on student organization funding appeals after the budget committee’s reviews.

Last spring, the senate’s power to potentially deny a budget committee’s decision regarding SOF appeals was revoked. This action was a result of an overlap between senate meetings and funding deadlines. Without the senate’s ability to have a final vote on appeals, student organizations were relieved from planning events more than seven months in advance before they applied for funding.

The senate planned to vote on the amendment after fall break Oct. 26. Vrana gave a statement about the decision in an email.

“I decided to pull the amendment after conversations with student organizations and SOF committee members,” Vrana said. “It became apparent that giving student organizations more time in the spring to apply for funding is, and should be, more important that a minor senate oversight. As we continue to review and improve the SOF process, it will be an oversight that we will discuss and consider, but at current, it is not in the best interest of student organizations utilizing the SOF process.”

This week, the SOF committee is reviewing 60 applications from student organizations that requested bulk funding for the spring semester. Financial Vice President Theodore Eberle, a senior in the College of Business Administration, said at the senate meeting this week that bulk funding has been more successful this semester and was positive about the application process.

If any of these organizations appeal their allocations, the senate accepts or denies the appeal before the final decision goes to the budget committee for review.