RESULTS: Tournament of Things Sweet 16

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RESULTS: Tournament of Things Sweet 16

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Voting in the Sweet 16 of The Turnip’s Tournament of Marquette Things ended today. The Turnip thanks you for voting and hopes you will continue to do so in future rounds. Here are the results, which should make for a compelling Elite Eight. Elite Eight voting will begin this afternoon.

EXCELLENCE REGION (restaurants/bars)

#1 Sobelman’s: 83%
#12 Dogg Haus: 17%

#2 Bro Yo: 78%
#3 AMU (dining): 22%

Elite Eight: Sobleman’s vs. Bro Yo


#1 Law school: 32%
#12 Joan of Arc: 68%

#11 Bradley Center: 66%
#2 Engineering Hall: 34%

Elite Eight: Joan of Arc vs. Bradley Center



#8 LIMOs: 67%
#4 Hall stores: 33%

#3 Free pizza at women’s basketball games: 25%
#15 Walk Sign is On: 75%

Elite Eight: LIMOS vs. Walk Sign is On



#1 Al McGuire: 87%
#13 Bob Mosher: 13%

#3 Chris Farley: 66%
#2 Dwyane Wade: 34%

Elite Eight: Al McGuire vs. Chris Farley