READER SUBMISSION: Laid-off staff should be commended for service

MUsealFather Wild’s announcement to the Marquette community Feb. 19 on the elimination of 25 staff positions was a sudden and surprising proclamation by the institution’s leaders. A review of our leaders’ rationale, presented in the letter authored by Wild, declares the decision to proceed with workforce reductions was solely prioritized around the lessening of the university’s budgetary burdens. Our leaders’ dedication to serve the Marquette community and its students is admirable, but this dedication does not suppress the agony of the elimination of staff.

As one of the off-campus senators in the Marquette Student Government, I have had the privilege to work with several individuals who saw their positions at Marquette eliminated. Whether they were listening to individuals report to Senate on the advancements their departments had in store, working with administrators on causes near and dear to the hearts of the student body or advocating for the issues and projects MUSG was investigating, these individuals embraced their roles and assisted in the progress MUSG fights for.

Additionally, many of these individuals dedicated their time at Marquette to improving not just the university but also the entire neighborhood and community. Marquette’s environmental sustainability, the AMU’s smooth functioning, the recruitment of Sobelman’s and several other venues to our campus, greater advocacy for the student body in the administration and the Office of Advancement’s functioning are only an extremely small fraction of the positive impact these individuals left on our university. The leaders of Marquette deemed the positions expendable; however, these individuals had a tremendous impact on the university. These individuals – valuable partners, allies and family to MUSG and Marquette students – will be greatly missed.

Neither the student body nor the student government is in a position to determine the route the university shall deem necessary to continue fiscal responsibility. However, we do have a voice, and it is important that we utilize our voice in offering our gratitude and appreciation for the 25 individuals who saw their positions eliminated.

Thus, it is with a heavy heart that I invite the Marquette community to join MUSG and myself in expressing gratitude and thanks to these 25 individuals for their dedication, professionalism and commitment to the betterment of the university and the surrounding Milwaukee community. I invite the student body and faculty to attend MUSG’s Senate meeting Thursday, March 6 at 7:30 p.m. to show their support for legislation that will commend the 25 individuals no longer employed at Marquette. May God bless these individuals and watch over them as they transition into their future endeavors.

Nathan Craft
Off-Campus Senator, Marquette University Student Government