Midnight Vitals (Self Titled)


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Band- Midnight Vitals

Album- Midnight Vitals (Hey it’s self-titled!-EP)

Ten-Second Bio- Midnight Vitals is a Phoenix, AZ indie/pop group.  As for marketing their music, according to the band’s website, “everyone that comes to the show will receive on free puppy!”

What Can My Ears Expect? – Imagine you and your crush playing Candy Land, and loving every minute of it.  It may sound weird, but once the sticky, sweet synths that this band rolls out hit your speakers you’ll know what I’m hinting at.  I really enjoyed Midnight Vitals with its upbeat tempo, sunny side lyrics, and power ballads aimed at winning over the girl next door.  Even though I have a soft spot for synths, their beats were infectious and on tracks like “Way Out” and “Michelle”, I couldn’t help hitting repeat several times.  I would classify Midnight Vitals’ sound as a cross between The All-American Rejects and Owl City, which definitely made for a fun listen.  However, as is the case with most pop songs of this nature, there wasn’t really anything new being explored content wise.  In order to grow as a band, Midnight Vitals must pen more compelling story lines for their next release.

What Will Their Words Say?-Midnight Vitals is all about inspiring you to ask that special gal/guy out on that romantic dinner date you’ve been planning since you fell in love with them at first sight.  Get ready for some lyrics contemplating lost love and new beginnings.

Target Audience-The band draws comparisons to Passion Pit, MGMT, Phoenix, and The Temper Trap.

Key Tracks from Acres-“Way Out” (Track 1), “Michelle” (Track 2), Eyes Shout (Track 5)

Grade: Solid 8.5 (out of 10)