Sports Sideshow: Gator girl grabs guns

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SportSideShowA Florida Gators gymnast was arrested Tuesday for allegedly storing a cache of stolen weapons and items for her boyfriend in her Gainesville apartment, according to a story from the Orlando Sentinel. In related news, a roster spot just opened up on the Florida gymnastics team.

Senior Melanie Sinclair was allegedly found with a safe, nine guns (all shotguns and rifles) and two computers in her place, all illegally acquired. She now faces two counts of felony larceny and one count of felony burglary of a dwelling unarmed. She’s been suspended indefinitely by the university.

Police arrested the gymnast after her boyfriend allegedly told them Sinclair was aware the items were stolen. She had also been “playing” with the guns, he said. Smart move. Just keep putting your fingerprints on stolen weapons. What could happen?

She said to police that “something was wrong,” but couldn’t quite grasp what it was. Maybe it was you stupidly flushing your future down the toilet, Melanie.

Sinclair, a nine-time All-American, set a school record three times by scoring a perfect ten on the uneven bars. It’s ironic, because that’s the amount of prison time she’s about to do.

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