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Restored classic hits mark

Paul Day October 13, 2003
Back in Sherwood Forest, Robin assembles his army, featuring sidekicks Will Scarlet, Little John and Friar Tuck, the latter two making the most memorable first impressions. Robin and his men proceed to rob from the rich and give to the poor, with Robin...

First volume fits ‘Bill’

Paul Day October 13, 2003
It took a few more years and a few more millions of dollars than expected to complete "Kill Bill" and even at that only the first volume has been released.
So, was it worth it?
Writer and director Quentin Tarantino answers that question in the first 10...

Three of a kind

Kevin Crowe October 13, 2003
Agosin and her family moved to the United States shortly before a military coup spawned Augusto Pinochet's bloody dictatorship in Chile. She remained one of the most outspoken voices against Pinochet in the United States and Latin America.
Her poetry,...

Simon’s show shines

Libby Fry October 13, 2003
The play tells the story of Willie Clark (Jim Baker), a crotchety old man who lives in a cheap hotel suite in New York City. Although he was once a star in the lights of vaudeville — and he still converses in snappy one-liners — his star has...

Environmental projects displayed at Haggerty Museum

[email protected] October 13, 2003
The thing that serves as her canvas is also the thing she wants people to learn more about through her art — the environment.
Beginning Oct.16, representations of Agnes Denes' work will be on display at the Haggerty Museum of Art in "Agnes Denes:...

Fulks finds inspiration in King of Pop, posers

Dave Rossetti October 13, 2003
How can anyone say no to that?
Though he hasn't released an album since 2001's Couples In Trouble, an album that stretches the boundaries of the alt-country tag with quirky honky-tonks, energetic rockers and even a Celtic-sounding folk tune, don't bet...

Soccer story’s extras reclaim innocence

Dave Rossetti October 13, 2003
But thankfully "Bend it Like Beckham" reclaims its innocence with a DVD release that showcases the heart and soul of the charming movie. The movie perfectly plays off the incredibly class-based and repressed cultures of the British and Indian cultures in...

Game of Death (1978)

Dave Rossetti October 13, 2003
"Game of Death" is also an oddly Fellini-esque martial arts movie, as the plot is twisted so Lee's character, a film star, must fake his own death (featuring actual footage for Lee's funeral). But the last true images of Lee's fights are by far the most...

Jet ~ Get Born

[email protected] October 13, 2003
The first three tracks (including the superb single, "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?") sound like the Stones with a little Black Crowes mixed in. Then they follow with "Look What You've Done," a ballad a la "Let It Be" era Beatles. As the album progresses, new...

The Hudsucker Proxy (1994)

Kyle Carritt October 13, 2003
visual masterpiece.
Corporate greed has never looked so beautiful.

~Kyle Carritt

Matthews creates heavy solo work

Lydia Cox October 13, 2003
Matthews, who loves to go off on tangents (as seen in live DMB performances) has referred to Some Devil as just that — another one of his tangents. What started as just some tinkering in his home studio in Seattle quickly turned into something...

Danish dance music duo defies conventions for fun

Lydia Cox October 13, 2003
Yes, Jesper Mortenson ("Junior") and Jeppe Laursen ("Senior") are changing the way the world sees pop music and dance music and rock music; soul, new wave and punk. Their genre-bending debut album, D-D-Don't Don't Stop The Beat is a mixture of the B-52s...
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