Car rear-ends EagleExpress van late Sunday night


The crash took place in front of Zilber Hall

An EagleExpress van was rear-ended by a car last night on Wisconsin Ave in front of Zilber Hall Marquette University Police Department has confirmed.  

“There was extensive damage to the silver car, as the front was totaled, and all of the air bags were deployed,” Matt Orszulak, a first-year in the College of Nursing, said in an email.  

Orszulak said he heard the crash from about 40 feet away after leaving mass at Gesu Church. He went over with a few other students and assisted in helping the driver out of the car and cleaning up some debris. Samuel Knuth, a first year in the College of Nursing, was with Orszulak and said that the driver of the silver car was stable and able to walk out. 

“There really wasn’t anyone else out and about so I’m glad we were there,” Knuth said. “The front of the car was all torn up and he clearly ran into the back of the EagleExpress.”  

Jeff Kranz, assistant chief of MUPD, confirmed that there were no injuries.  

“(EagleExpress van) have minor accidents every now and then but nothing like this comes to mind at all. Nothing recent,” Kranz said.  

The EagleExpress driver was not at fault for the crash, Kranz said. Kranz also confirmed that there were no passengers in the van at the time of the crash.  

“I don’t really use the EagleExpress service because of how slow and inconvenient it tends to be, but I would not be concerned about the safety of the EagleExpress vans. These situations happen and the student driver handled it very well,” Knuth said.  

The investigation is still ongoing, Kranz said.  

This story was written by Kiley Brockway, she can be reached at [email protected]