New Marquette Law School Poll finds Biden, Sanders leading over Trump


Photo by AP

President Trump trails Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders among registered Wisconsin voters, a new Marquette Law School Poll finds. Photo via AP.

In a Marquette University Law School poll released today, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden leads over President Donald Trump in a head-to-head match in Wisconsin.

The poll took place Aug. 25-29. It included 800 registered voters in Wisconsin, who were interviewed by cell phone or landline. Each voter was asked to make vote choices between Trump and potential 2020 Democratic nominees.

This is the first Marquette Law School Poll this year that asked voters for these head-to-head choices.

With 14 months until the 2020 presidential election, Biden is leading with 51% of the projected vote, according to the poll.

“Four percent say they would not support either candidate and 2 percent say they don’t know,” the release said.

Trump also lagged behind when matched against presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. While Sanders received 48% of the vote, Trump received 44%. Five percent said they would support neither, while 2% said they did not know.

The answers in the poll evened out when Trump was compared with candidates Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris.

When Trump was paired with Warren, 45% said they would vote for Trump and 45% said they would vote for Warren. Five percent said they did not know, and 5% said they would support neither.

Paired with Harris, 44% said they would support Trump while 44% said they would support Harris. Six percent said they did not know, and 6% said they would support neither.

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