Jonas Brothers: Still Burning Up?


Thursday marked the debut of the Jonas Brothers’ comeback single “Sucker.” Here’s what our Marquette Radio staff had to say about it:

Alex Wagner: “Sucker” is an amazing amalgamation of both Joe and Nick’s vocal talents. It’s incredible to see that a band can break up for basically a decade, have successful solo careers, and then regroup and blend their respective artistic differences while still paying homage to their pre-breakup sound. The song itself shows a successful transition from a 2000s boy band to an adult “man” band. It’s definitely noticeable stylistically. Obviously, music technology has changed, but the way the brothers are presented is different, too. It’s very light rock and the instrumentation on the track itself is little to none, giving us, the listeners, more focus on their vocals. Overall, I thought the single was really good and a solid song to start the Jonas Brothers’ comeback, and I’m very intrigued to see where their musical journey takes them.


Ricky Labrada: The song itself is pretty catchy and I like it. It sounds like a mix of what Joe and Nick did in their time apart from the group. It just feels weird that Joe is not in the middle for the cover of the single as he used to be on their older work.


Bella Lazarski: Admittedly, the Jonas Brothers’ new hit has solidified that I am a “Sucker” for them. On first listen, I was pleasantly surprised with their catchy hook that had me humming along throughout the chorus. Differing from their previous hits, the Jonas Brothers ventured into more of a light, upbeat pop versus their well-known pop rock. The song definitely highlighted themes of Joe’s band DNCE alongside Nick’s solo work, but the trio seems to have the same presence they had in 2013. An odd note to consider is that the oldest brother Kevin does not seem to contribute a single lyric to the song, other than background harmonies. Fans appear to be impressed and excited for what is to come. I personally look forward to seeing where the the Jonas Brothers go from here.


Maggie Riley: “Sucker” picks up right where the Jonas Brothers left off, especially because Kevin still doesn’t sing a single word. Even without his mediocre addition to the harmonies, the song is the perfect boy band pop song, with a few subtle nods to the passage of time. They’re adults now, and to prove it they mention bars, tattoos and “breaking rules” all in one chorus. Could the latter be a reference to their celibacy pact that seems to have fallen by the wayside two weeks after their hiatus began? We’ll never know. What we do know is they still can make a killer music video. Between their bold fashion choices, another chance to see Nick and his wife Priyanka Chopra up close, and the beautiful mansion they filmed in, the video was the best part of the reunion. Overall, the song is catchy and exciting for fans that have grown up with them, but not exceptional enough to pick up many new ones.


Missed the video? Check it out here.