Six Things You Need to Know About the MUPD App


Photo by Jordan Johnson

Student uses MUPD’s safety app, EagleEye.

The app is customized for MU!

Marquette University Police Department and AppArmor developed the app to fit the safety needs of campus. It is available for both iOS and Android.

It’s for parents and staff too!

Although it’s mainly for students, the app can be downloaded by parents, faculty and staff who want to receive live alerts and use the Emergency Procedures guide. 

It allows you to connect with friends!

One feature is “Friend Walk,” which allows you to send your location in real time to a friend so they can watch you walk from point A to point B and make sure you’re safe. If you find yourself concerned, there is an emergency call option.

It includes features in the toolbox!

It has a “safety toolbox” containing links to information on LIMOs, a flashlight and an “I’m OK!” button which allows you to send a message to let your friends and family know you are safe. Also, there are maps of crime data, campus and of Milwaukee transit. 

There are many support options!

Support resources include sexual misconduct advocacy and help, MUPD’s daily crime log, ways to sign up for self-defense classes, contact information for parking services, as well as links to Campus Ministry, the Medical Clinic and the Counseling Center.

New features in the future!

The app is still in development, and MUPD has considered the option of tracking Marquette’s LIMO service, allowing students to see where the vans are in near real time. MUPD hope to add this in the near future, depending on how often people use the app.