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‘Shark Tank’ features alum’s life-saving survival kit

Photo courtesy of Eric Janowak

Ninety-five percent of all emergency crises are resolved in the 72 hours following the incident.

Uncharted Supply, a new company recently featured on “Shark Tank,” makes survival kits that work to ensure those 72 hours are characterized by preparedness and safety. The kit is designed so the average person can use it in an emergency.

Eric Janowak, a Marquette Law School alum, is a co-founder the CFO of the company.

“Shark Tank” is a reality T.V. show where a panel of business investors listen and question groups of entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking for funding and partners for their projects and products. 

Uncharted Supply’s main kit contains waterproof match case, collapsible water bottles, gloves, flashlights and a water filter, to name just a few items. The Seventy2 kit costs $350.

Janowak said the company is focused on “personal preparedness,” and their product “has the tools to survive for 72 hours,” which is the most vital time period between life and death in emergency situations.

Janowak works closely with co-founder Christian Schauf.

Eric and I went to undergraduate school together at UW-Madison, and while we’re great friends, we both had very different areas of expertise. I started the company and Eric joined about a year later,” Schauf said.

Schauf said he began the company after living in Southern California.

“I realized that while emergency situations were on the rise, people’s preparedness levels were decreasing, and most people didn’t have emergency training of any type,”  Schauf said.

Janowak said he had his own emergency kit while living in the Middle East for his job at the time.

It is sometimes not the safest place,” Janowak said. “Both Christian and I were pretty passionate about it.”

Janowak said that many emergency kits people have now are outdated or are more military focused.

Not only do we provide high quality products, but the products are organized with corresponding directions and instruction,” Schauf said. “For a person with very little experience, this bag will guide them through almost any situation they’d find themselves in.”

Sven Skillrud, a Marquette Law alum and a friend of Janowak, said he also sees the benefits of such an authentic product. He said he believes the survival pack “is a foolproof type system that the average person can use.”

Both Janowak and Schauf said when Uncharted Supply was chosen for “Shark Tank,”they were both were grateful for the opportunity.

“It is a huge honor to be chosen out of these companies,” Janowak said. “We spent a lot of time preparing to be on the show….we knew the game plan of how we wanted to present ourselves.”

The episode featuring Uncharted Supply was filmed in June, and it came out Oct. 1.

The sharks were extremely complimentary and being ‘in the tank’ was a great experience I’ll never forget,” Schauf said.

Uncharted Supply struck a deal with shark Robert Herjavecc for $200,000 for 10% equity in the company. 

It was a humbling experience. They ask you questions and they were overwhelmingly positive about sales figures to date,” Janowak said.

Since then, the company has continued to expand. Both partners agree that the plan is to grow Uncharted Supply into a larger company, as well as make the world a safer place.

“We believe there is a big opportunity and responsibility ahead of us and we’re completely committed to making Uncharted a household name,” Schauf said.

Janowak said although he enjoys being an entrepreneur, he does miss his old profession of being a lawyer. As he looks to the future, he said he hopes others will explore how exciting being an entrepreneur is. He encourages people considering starting a business to go for it.

“You don’t realize how much time you have when you’re young,” Janawok said. “That’s the best time in your life to learn from it. Even if you aren’t successful, you’ll learn from it. It’s the best time in modern history to be an entrepreneur.”

As of now, the Seventy2 Survival System pack is on backorder. The estimated ship date is Feb. 1st.

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