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Editor’s Note: Spring 2018


Young voices across the country — and world — are getting louder and louder.

This isn’t the first time young adults have taken a stand. But it’s the first time we are being heard. It’s the first time legislators are taking notice, hearing our noise and opening their ears. It’s the first time we are seeing a shift toward change that is because of us.

The idea echoed throughout the entire Journal: We are the voice of today and the voice of tomorrow.

Throughout the magazine, Marquette students talk about their “March for Our Lives” experience. In our cover story, “Why We March,” the history of political protesting on Marquette’s campus is compared and contrasted with how and why students protest today. You can see what people are wearing as they make their voice heard in our fashion spread.

While this edition of the Journal is more politically oriented, you can make your voice heard anywhere. If politics aren’t your thing, your voice still matters. You can still make a difference. Take Felicia Milam, for example. She doesn’t preach politics in Johnston Hall, but she is a ray of sunshine. She makes her voice heard; she makes students know that they matter.

Activism doesn’t just stem from politics. It stems from being active in your local community, in your friend group and in your workplace. Activism is what you make it and where you make it.

I encourage you to find your passion. Find what is important to you. Find something you want to educate others on.

And then, start a conversation.

Educate people what you believe, and why you believe it. Stand up for what you believe in.

Because change can’t begin without conversation.

Its been a privilege to serve as the managing editor of this magazine for the past year. Thank you to design chief Hannah Feist and the editors and managers who made it possible.

As I leave the Johnston Hall newsroom to tackle journalistic activism outside of Marquette, I leave you in the best of hands. Aly Prouty will be nothing short of exceptional, as is the rest of our staff.

They are the big picture you can’t ignore. All of us young people are the big picture you can’t ignore — because ready or not, we are here and ready to make change.

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